Boohoo: clean up your act

6 Feb 19

Exposed: fast-fashion companies like Boohoo sell hundreds of millions of pounds worth of clothing every year – but are dodging their responsibility to stop throwaway fashion harming our planet. [1] Not only that, they’re also failing to take vital steps to make sure people that...

Update: Universal Credit

4 Feb 19

This is great news! The government has delayed their controversial plans to move 3 million more people onto Universal Credit. Fewer families will now be forced onto the streets and into food banks this winter. Together, thousands of us emailed our MPs, sent tweets and facebook messages...


Ex British Hong Kong servicemen petition hand in

1 Feb 19

On Thursday 31st January, a group of ex British Hong Kong servicemen handed in their petition and discussed their campaign with the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid at the Home Office. They were joined by MP Andrew Rosindell who has been working on the issue for...

Good Friday Agreement – update

25 Jan 19

This was a quick turnaround. On Monday, thousands of people signed a petition telling Theresa May not to use the Good Friday Agreement as a Brexit bargaining chip. [1] And later that same day she announced she “had no intention of revisiting the agreement”. [2] This...


Food bank labels

18 Jan 19

Unable to afford the basics, thousands of families will be turning to food banks to feed hungry stomachs this Christmas. It’s heartbreaking that anyone has to rely on donations for their next meal – but this year it’s the reality for more families than ever...

The Economy after Brexit: Q&A

4 Dec 18

Watch Professor Jonathan Portes, Brexit expert and Senior Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe, answer all our questions on the economy here:   Introduction to the Economy after Brexit What will happen to house prices after Brexit? Could we be left unable to withdraw...