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General Election: update!

26 May 17

This is a General Election update. Over 200,000 people voted to decide what 38 Degrees should do during the general election. And thousands of you are donating, raising the funds to turn the people-powered plan into action. So here’s a round-up of what’s been happening...

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Voter registration drive update

25 May 17

Together, hundreds of thousands of us voted to decide what 38 Degrees should do during this general election. One of the main priorities that came out of the surveys was to get as many people to vote as possible, and that meant trying to get...

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People-powered plan for the 2017 General Election

5 May 17

I wasn’t expecting it when Theresa May announced a snap election last week. And I know I wasn’t the only one. But since then, 38 Degrees has moved fast to decide what we should do between now and election day, to stand up for what...


Article 50

29 Mar 17

It’s happening. Theresa May is triggering Article 50 today. That means Brexit is starting. However you feel about it, one thing is certain: fifty years from now, school children will reading about these events in the history books. What happens next will shape our country...


Brexit – what 38 Degrees has done so far

14 Mar 17

38 Degrees members are working to make sure that Brexit works for everyone, not just big business. Together we’re showing that the British public has got a voice that needs to be heard – and it’s working. Here’s just a few of the things 38...


Weekly member survey results: Scotland

13 Mar 17

As members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital. On Monday morning, the office team sat down with the results of this survey to...