Health and social care funding: policy solutions to the health and social care funding crisis

16 Nov 17

Executive Summary There is a growing consensus about the need for more funding for the English health and social care system. The Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has said that waiting lists for hospital operations could hit 5 million unless the NHS receives...

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38 Degrees report to the CMA’s 21st Century Fox/Sky merger inquiry

31 Oct 17

About 38 Degrees We work to make our society fairer by holding the government to account and by calling on businesses to improve practices. 38 Degrees is totally independent of all political parties. We are funded through small donations from our members. Anyone can become...

Emergency Service Workers: Email your MP

16 Oct 17

Punched, kicked, bitten and spat on as a police officer. Locked in an ambulance while someone punches the windows and screams abuse at you, as a paramedic. These are just a few of the stories 38 Degrees members shared about attacks they’ve experienced working in...

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Grenfell Fire: Safety Funding

14 Oct 17

This is unacceptable. Months after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower killed 80 people, families are still going to bed every night in dangerous homes. The government promised to make tower blocks safer, but essential safety work has been held up over squabbles about who...


Delegated Powers: Email your MP

12 Oct 17

Are we on the verge of stopping Theresa May from changing UK laws behind closed doors after Brexit?  An incredible 370,000 of us have already signed the petition to stop parliament – and the public – from being shut out. It looks like it’s starting...


Emergency Service Workers petition

12 Oct 17

UPDATE: 99% of 38 Degrees-ers voted for 38 Degrees to support a new law to protect our paramedics, doctors, police and fire officers! Right now, too many emergency workers face being spat on, bitten or punched in the face just for trying to do their...