38 Degrees seeks new Chair

17 Dec 19

38 Degrees is recruiting a new Chair of its Board. Srabani Sen, the current Chair, will step down in early 2020 to focus on her own growing business. Recruitment is underway to find a successor. More information is available from Inclusive Boards, who are running...


Voter Turnout

9 Dec 19

They say you need to take risks in life to achieve anything. Well, with three days until the election that’s exactly what 38 Degrees members are about to do. Right now, we’re gearing up to try something truly groundbreaking. We’re going to try to rescue our...


38 Degrees: Election 2019

18 Nov 19

Some people with powerful voices in politics are behaving badly. They’re threatening violence, using racist language, and exploiting our divisions. It looks like things are already getting worse in this election. In a recent poll of over 50,000 38 Degrees members, over 98% of us...


WeVote app

14 Nov 19

Right now millions of people won’t get their say in the most important election of our lifetime – because they’re not registered to vote. [1] It means millions of voices could go unheard at the ballot box this election. The good news? We’ve got a...


Make candidate selection processes fit for purpose

12 Nov 19

We’re just one week into the general election. [1] But already there is scandal after scandal about candidates using sexist, racist and violent language and images. [2] It’s so serious that some candidates have stepped down already. [3] But they should never have been put forward by their...


Provide support information after all TV shows that feature sexual violence

8 Jul 19

Some of the content of this blog post might be upsetting for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or assault. This is how it should be done. When TV show Broadchurch aired their last series, they included information on how survivors of sexual violence could...