1 Nov 21

On Saturday 9th October, our friends at rewilding campaign group Wild Card handed in our joint petition calling on the Royal Family to rewild their estates to help fight the climate crisis and encourage more biodiversity. The Royals own 1.4% of the UK. That’s huge....

Sue Tibballs steps down as 38 Degrees Chair

29 Sep 21

Sue Tibballs has stepped down after 18 months as Chair of 38 Degrees, following the conclusion of a strategic review which has set the organisation on an ambitious new path. Recruited for her strategic and campaigning expertise to help guide the Board and organisation through...


NHS Pay Calculator Data

1 Jun 21

The calculator uses the average starting salary for each role to determine how much extra weekly would be generated. In the full data below you can see the average salaries for more experienced levels. The averages used are based on data gathered through the government’s...


Xinjiang Campaign Victory!

13 May 21

We did it! The UK Government has formally declared a genocide is taking place against the Uyghur population in China. It’s taken so long to get to this point, but we have finally joined several other countries in calling out this massive injustice. The non-binding...

Rishi Sunak holds up a red briefcase outside number 11 Downing Street


4 Mar 21

Yesterday’s budget was packed full of announcements by Chancellor Rishi Sunak – but there were also big gaps in support for the NHS, for people struggling to make ends meet, and for a greener future. Here’s how it impacts some key 38 Degrees campaigns: Universal...

We love you NHS.

Sharing the love for our NHS this Valentine’s Day 💙

14 Feb 21

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to show our love for NHS staff. That’s why 38 Degrees members from across the UK have come together to make a video love letter for the NHS: We love our NHS, so we want the government to do more...