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Lockdown looked very different inside and outside No 10

30 May 22

“Partygate” has left trust in the politicians leading the country at an all time low. The pain, anger and hurt that was caused by news and pictures of the PM and senior advisers drinking, while we stayed home to save lives, is palpable. Opinion polling...

The government must listen to the public and the experts – and keep free Lateral Flow Tests

18 Feb 22

As news of NHS experts and health charity leaders opposing the removal of free Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) hits the headlines, the 38 Degrees community has ramped up pressure on the government with a huge petition hand in.  Our petition calling on the Prime Minister...


1 Nov 21

On Saturday 9th October, our friends at rewilding campaign group Wild Card handed in our joint petition calling on the Royal Family to rewild their estates to help fight the climate crisis and encourage more biodiversity. The Royals own 1.4% of the UK. That’s huge....

Sue Tibballs steps down as 38 Degrees Chair

29 Sep 21

Sue Tibballs has stepped down after 18 months as Chair of 38 Degrees, following the conclusion of a strategic review which has set the organisation on an ambitious new path. Recruited for her strategic and campaigning expertise to help guide the Board and organisation through...


NHS Pay Calculator Data

1 Jun 21

The calculator uses the average starting salary for each role to determine how much extra weekly would be generated. In the full data below you can see the average salaries for more experienced levels. The averages used are based on data gathered through the government’s...