Victory! Muirfield Golf Course FINALLY allows women golfers

14 Mar 17

Hole in one – we won! Well done, everyone who signed the petition to put pressure on the ‘gentlemen’ at Muirfield Golf Course to allow female members to join their revered club. It’s just been announced that “Founded in 1744, Muirfield golf club will finally...

Dover Soup Kitchen

People power saves Dover Soup Kitchen

6 Dec 16

Wonderful news! Following a successful campaign on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You website, the Dover Soup Kitchen has been saved! The Dover Soup Kitchen has been running for 26 years but it faced being shut for good by Dover District Council. They wanted to force...


1 Million campaign winners

11 Nov 16

Wow! This week 38 Degrees members hit a huge milestone. Since January 1st 2016, over one million people have taken part in campaigns that ended in a victory on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You Website. It’s the part of the 38 Degrees website where anyone...


Win! Save the Butterfields Estate

7 Nov 16

Great news, after a long campaign the residents of the Butterfields Estate in London have saved their homes! Back in February, Nicole started her petition on the 38 Degrees website. And it soon went from strength to strength gaining thousands of signatures.  But that was just the...

Scottish Mountain

We saved the Mountain Weather Information Service

15 Sep 16

We won!  To be safe on Scotland’s mountains you need to be be prepared for the worst that spring, summer, autumn and winter can throw at you. And on Scotland’s hills you can get them all in a couple of hours. But last week, the service that...

fiiiinal people talking

Wins Wrap Up

9 Sep 16

The next time someone asks you what good an online petition can do, show them this post.  Almost every 38 Degrees campagin starts with a petitions signed by thousands of people like you across the country.  But very few campaigns stop there. This week, together,...