Sarahah bullying app: we won!

20 Feb 18

I cannot believe I am writing this. Sarahah – the anonymous messaging app that was used to bully my friend – is no longer available on Apple or Google. [1] We won the campaign, it’s incredible! I’m not a campaigner. I don’t have big lobbyists...

End of 2017 wrap up

31 Dec 17

Together, we won some tough fights in 2017. Here’s what all those small actions added up to: We pushed Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, to permanently ban bee-killing pesticides. You and more than 300,000 others signed the petition. We pushed the Scottish government to bring...


Tyne and Wear Metro

23 Nov 17

This really shows that people power works. Yesterday afternoon we sent an email asking people who live in Tyne and Wear to sign a petition demanding more funding for the Tyne and Wear metro to replace the trains. [1] It was started by Alistair and...

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Four wins this week!

24 Oct 17

Victory 1: We’re protecting our paramedics, police and firefighters Emergency workers often risk their lives to protect us, but many face abuse and assaults for just doing their job. Not any more. Thanks to thousands of 38 Degrees members, who persuaded our MPs to vote for...

Emergency Workers and Parental Bereavement Private Member Bills: Win!

23 Oct 17

Good news! The “Parental Bereavement Bill” was voted through by MPs. We’re suddenly much closer to guaranteeing some paid time-off from work, for any parent who has lost their child. MPs also voted through the “Emergency Workers Bill”. That means we are one step closer to...

Corby Urgent Care Centre

We saved Corby urgent care centre

19 Oct 17

Thanks to thousands of 38 Degrees members, the doors of the Corby NHS urgent care centre are open today.  Instead of travelling miles to the nearest A&E, patients are getting the care they need locally. And it’s all thanks to people power. When 38 Degrees...