essex libraries

Victory: Essex libraries

10 Jul 19

Essex County Council have today announced that ALL libraries across the county have been saved from closure. Thanks to campaigners from all over Essex, Bry who started her 38 Degrees petition and over 11,000 people who supported her campaign, County Hall have listened. Last year,...


Addictive gambling machines: Victory!

17 May 18

Today 38 Degrees-ers are sending messages to Cabinet members, thanking them for introducing a £2 maximum limit bet on addictive gambling machines. It will now be much harder for gambling companies to exploit vulnerable people to boost their profits. Please read below to see just...

Telferton Allotment

Dig for Victory!

14 Apr 16

Great news! After a long fought battle, Edinburgh 38 Degrees members managed to save their cherished Craigentinny and Telferton allotments. Graham, the petition starter said: “There have been allotments at Telferton for over 90 years; they add greatly to quality of life and provide social...


Win! Rob Lawrie is spared from prison

23 Feb 16

Today, compassion wins: aid-worker Rob Lawrie is not going to prison. Over 50,000 of us believed Rob shouldn’t be treated as a criminal for trying to rescue a four-year-old refugee from Calais – but as an ordinary man trying to do the right thing.Today, a...

Graphic showing coal burning beneath the ground.

We’ve beaten fracking’s more evil twin

8 Oct 15

People power got the Scottish Government to ban the dangerous and dirty form of blasting for gas called UCG. Yesterday, energy companies could burn coal deep beneath the ground, using an experimental process linked to toxic waste, air pollution and damage to buildings. Today they...

Victory: MPs expenses

15 Dec 14

Plans to cover up investigations into MPs expenses have been scrapped – thanks to 38 Degrees members. As soon as the plans were floated, 38 Degrees members got together to stop them. Over 200,000 of us signed a petition. And a whopping 31,000 of us...