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Campaigns By You FAQ

How do I contact people who’ve signed my petition?

Just click ‘Email supporters’ and follow the instructions. You can send up to three updates per week. See picture guide below:

How many emails can I send to the members who’ve signed my petition?

You can send a maximum of 3 per week.

Can 38 Degrees send my campaign out?

It’s unlikely that this will happen. It really is 38 Degrees members who decide the issues we campaign on and which are emailed out to other members. We get around 25 petitions a day set up on the website, and I’m sure the number of 38 Degrees members would quickly plummet if we sent out an email on every campaign.

Why can my petition only have 100 signatures, and how do I change this?

The signature counter will automatically update as your petition gets more signatures – so please don’t worry, there’s no cap on the number of signatures you can collect.

What writing tips do you have for my petition?

It’s great to keep the ask short and concise, provide links to helpful sources in the ‘why’ section, and address your petition to the correct target!

Why can’t I tick all the categories?

The office team limits the number of categories for each petition to the most relevant. This helps the categories to have a clear structure and meaning.

Why can’t I edit the ‘ask’ of my petition any more?

Once people have signed your petition you can’t change the ‘ask’ – this is because the people who’ve signed put their name to a certain ask and it wouldn’t be fair to change it afterwards!

Can a petition have multiple admins?

Yes! Just click Settings, then ‘Campaign Admins’. You can then email invitations to future co-admins. See picture guide below:


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Why can’t we find my campaign by searching for it on the site?

Not every campaign will appear in the list of petitions on Campaigns by You. This is so the office team can highlight petitions that we think will particularly appeal to 38 Degrees members. Don’t worry though – petition pages are still live and open for people to sign even if they don’t appear in the list. And since almost all your signatures will come from people sharing your petition, whether or your petition appears in the list will not affect the success of your campaign.

I’m going to hand-in my petition – should I end my petition?

Not yet!

After you hand your petition in, it’s a good idea to keep your petition open. This way, you can get in touch with petition-signers to let them know what happens after the hand-in, and continue the campaign if you need to.

I’ve won my campaign! What do I do?


First go to Settings, then click ‘End Campaign’ and follow the instructions to write about your success! The office team will moderate your reasons for ending as soon as possible. See picture guide below:

I’ve lost my campaign – what do I do?

Keep campaigning – don’t give up! You can start a new petition, or look for new ways to keep your campaign going.

How do I end my campaign?

You can end your campaign under the “settings” tab above your petition.

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