How do I unsubscribe?

If you’d rather not receive emails from 38 Degrees you can unsubscribe at any time here. Make sure you type your email address correctly or it won’t work. If that doesn’t work, double-check which email address the 38 Degrees email was sent to and try again.

It can take up to 24 hours to take effect – you might still get an email in that period so please be patient!

My email address has changed. Can you update your records?

Of course. Please let the office team know using our contact form here.

My email address wasn’t accepted

Does the red message say: “Did you mean [some other ending]?” but you are sure your typed it correctly? Don’t worry! Our system’s a bit sensitive but it should still work. If you’re getting the error over and over, please drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

I’m not getting your emails any more!

The emails could be automatically arriving in your spam folder – a few members have reported this problem recently. Please add “” to your safe/trusted senders list to prevent this.

To be extra sure you continue to receive 38 Degrees emails, sign up to any recent action on the 38 Degrees site. You can find them all here:

A link in the email doesn't work

If you’re using Safari as your internet browser, this can occasionally block a pop-up that offers to open or share the petition. If this is the case, my best suggestion would be to try using a different internet browser, or to change your pop up settings to allow 38 Degrees to open that page.

Quite often these things are caused by a temporary glitch – does the same thing happen if you try again? If something’s very wrong, the office team will be scrambling to fix it so please be patient! Do let us know if you still have the same problem after 24 hours.

It won’t let me share on Facebook/Twitter

Once you have our email open:

  1. Right click on the button of or link next to the response that you wish to select (e.g. ‘Facebook’)
  2. Click ‘Copy link address.’
  3. Go to your internet browser and Right Click on the search bar at the top of your internet browser (where you would normally type in a website).
  4. Click ‘Paste.’
  5. Press the Enter button on your keyboard

This should take you to a page where you can open or share the survey.

My non-UK postcode wasn’t accepted

Unfortunately, at the moment 38 Degrees petitions can only take signatures from people based in the UK. This is because 38 Degrees is a UK-based campaigning organisation and in general 38 Degrees campaigns and petitions are directed at United Kingdom recipients; MPs, MEPs, national organisations, councils, UK arms of multinationals etc. This means that the people campaigning to these organisations need to be the people these organisations are accountable to – UK residents.

The software that is used for 38 Degrees online actions also relies in part on the UK postcode database to ensure that each electronic signature comes from an individual.

If you feel strongly about this issue, perhaps you could spread the word about the campaign online, by posting about it on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media you might use?

You could also talk to or email any UK-based friends or family to tell them about the campaign and encourage them to get involved with 38 Degrees by going to or why not tweet @38_degrees?

Do I need to donate to sign?

If you press ‘submit’ after signing a petition and then you see the donation page, this means your signature has been added to the petition. People who sign any petition are then automatically brought to the donation page.
So please be assured that your signature has been added, and you don’t need to donate on these donation pages to have your signature added to that petition.