How do I sign up?

Just enter your postcode here: to find the event nearest you.

Click on ‘Find out more’ and then ‘RSVP’! You’ll be sent an email with more details.

From there – just turn up on the day with something to sit on, something to eat and drink, and some sunblock (or an umbrella!)

What'll happen on the day?

What's actually happening on the day?

The host will have given some details about the day in your event invitation – there may be additional activities, but the main thing is a bring-your-own picnic with people in your community, celebrating your local green space – and working to make sure it’s protected.

Who's hosting?

Someone in your community has volunteered to host (by setting up the event, and getting there early!). You’ll meet them on the day, but you can bring any friends or family you want with you. Or, if you turn up on your own, you’ll hopefully meet some like-minded people!

How will I find other 38 Degrees-ers?

Just look for the coloured bunting, and the host will be wearing a badge.

Can I bring people? Or pets?

Of course! Everyone’s welcome.

You’re welcome to bring your pet, as long as your park allows it and they’re good around picnics and children.

What if it's raining?

Still come along! Bring your umbrella and your wellies, and we’ll embrace the British summer together.

What should I bring?
  • A lunch
  • A drink
  • Something to sit on
  • Sunscreen and a hat (or an umbrella and wellies!)
  • Yourself and any friends, family, or pets you’d like to bring along.
What'll happen with the petition?

The host and anyone who’d like to be involved on the day will hand it in to your local councillor. It’ll be a good chance to talk to your councillor about why parks are so important to you, if you’d like!

What time does it start?

It should say in your event RSVP what time it starts. If you have any questions, please email

There isn't one near me

Can I set an event up?

If you’re interested in setting an event up, please email

I can't set one up, but would attend one near me if there was one

If there’s none near you and you can’t set one up, just keep an eye out – there may be one soon!

I have a question that hasn't been answered here

Who can I contact?

Please send an email to, and someone in the office team will be happy to help!