At the moment we’re seeing how many members are interested in taking part in The Big Switch and changing energy suppliers. After we’ve got a deal we’ll have a lot more information. You can register your interest here.

I want more information on the switch and why 38 Degrees is doing this

Fat cat energy bosses are laughing all the way to the bank. The profits they cream off your gas and electricity bills pays for multi-million-pound salaries, chauffeurs, and blacked-out limos.

Over the past few months 38 Degrees members have come together and negotiated affordable energy deals, away from the big companies. Using our power in numbers we’ve been able to strike deals with small, reliable energy companies- and we’re about to do it again.

The first step is demonstrating how many 38 Degrees members are interested in switching. The more of us that register our interest the more negotiating power we have.

Who are The Big Deal and what is their relationship to 38 Degrees?

The Big Deal is a for-profit business that specialises in collective energy switching. It runs regular campaigns highlighting the wrongs of the energy industry and fighting for consumer rights. Big Deal campaigns have demanded fair prices from suppliers, transparency from comparison sites and negotiated money-saving deals.

They revealed how the multi million pound profit making price comparison companies like uSwitch and Compare the Market hid the cheapest deals from consumers because they didn’t get a kickback from energy companies. The Big Deal’s research led to an investigation by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee of MPs and to the energy regulator Ofgem cracking down on these websites.

38 Degrees evaluated a few different potential partners for the energy switch before selecting The Big Deal. Our top priority was to identify an ethical and effective business who could help 38 Degrees members make collective consumer decisions. We decided to work with The Big Deal because it combines industry expertise with a commitment to people-power and consumer rights.

Henry de Zoete and Will Hodson are the co founders of The Big Deal. Henry was invited to join the 38 Degrees board, in part because of his consumer campaigning expertise. The decision to partner with The Big Deal was taken prior to Henry joining the board. Henry volunteered to absent himself from all discussions or decisions relating to 38 Degrees’ partnership with The Big Deal, in accordance with our Conflict of Interest policy.

Henry de Zoete previously worked in government as an advisor to the former Education Secretary Michael Gove. You can read more about Henry’s past career here. The Big Deal has been endorsed by figures across the political spectrum including Lib Dem leader Tim Farron MP and Angus MacNeil, Scottish National Party MP and chair of the Energy Select Committee. 38 Degrees is satisfied that Henry, and The Big Deal, are independent of all political parties.

The Big Deal’s co-founder, Will Hodson, used to work for Ethical Consumer, whom 38 Degrees partnered with previously for our campaign against the “Olympic Tax Dodge”.

Will 38 Degrees make money when I switch?

For everyone who switches, 38 Degrees will get £18.75. We will use this money to fund campaigns chosen by 38 Degrees members.

Will The Big Deal make money when I switch?

The Big Deal makes around £18.75 after their costs.

How will I know if this will be the right deal for me?

During the process of taking the deal, you’ll be able to compare it to everything else in the market. This is what is known as a ‘whole of market’ comparison. That way you can tell if for your usage levels and your region of the country it is the best deal for you. If it isn’t it will be clearly be shown and you can take another deal if you’d rather.

What energy company are you switching to?

At the moment we are seeing how many of us are up for switching. The Big Deal can then negotiate with a few different companies before finding us a great deal. Once we have the deal we’ll provide you with all the details.

I have questions about the logistics of switching my energy supplier

At the moment we are seeing how many of us are up for switching, once we have a deal we will know more about the switching process!

What happens if I register my interest but don't want the deal?

That’s absolutely fine, there’s no obligation to take the deal.

I have a question that wasn't answered here

At the moment we’re seeing how many members are interested in taking part in The Big Switch and changing energy suppliers. After we’ve got a deal we’ll have a lot more information about the process of switching.

If you have a campaign related query you can reach us at

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