I'm organising the meeting and have questions:

(For people making the meeting with their MP and listing it on the site)

When should the meeting with my MP be?

Most meetings will happen throughout October and November. They can take place at any of the weekly surgeries held by MPs in their constituencies – these often occur on Fridays and Saturdays. Your MP’s office will be able to tell you a good time to meet.

How should I contact my MP?

Make sure you have a phone with you, then follow the links on the community hub. This will bring you to a page to call your MP and set up the meeting online.

Setting up an appointment by phone is the best way to arrange a meeting – the email back and forth can take a long time to get something confirmed!

I tried to contact my MP, but it says the meeting is already set up?

It looks like another member in your constituency has set up the MP meeting already – take a look here to see how the plans for the meeting are shaping up.

If you have a question you’d like to put to your MP regarding Brexit, ask the organiser here.

What should I discuss with my MP?

Over 250,000 of us have answered 8,000,000 questions about what matters to us most once we leave the EU. This has been compiled into 38 Degrees’ people powered vision for Brexit. This meeting is a chance for you to hand the vision over to your MP and an opportunity to voice your concerns surrounding Brexit.
The idea is for an open-minded round-table discussion to take place, attended by members from both ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’, where everyone’s views and questions have space to be voiced.  In the ‘Conversation Guide’ that you’ll be getting via email there are some useful hints and tips to help guide the discussion.

What if my MP can’t meet with me or doesn’t want to meet?

Remind them the meeting can just be part of their surgery, and wouldn’t have to last very long. It’s also important to emphasise that it will be no more than five people and everyone there will be a constituent. Your MP has a duty to meet with you as a constituent and while it can sometimes be tricky, it’s good to remain polite but firm.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say to your MP if they’re being evasive. Below are some examples of angles MPs have taken, along with some helpful potential answers to reply with to try and secure a meeting.

  1. For example – Your MP might say they’re not prepared to use surgery time to discuss Brexit, or, that because the wheels for leaving EU have not yet been set in motion there’s no point in discussing it yet. Example answers are:
  • This people powered vision has been voted on by hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom are your constituents, and while they may not have yet been briefed on any specifics of our departure from the EU, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be helpful for them to hear the thoughts of the people.
  • It’s not just about the government’s take on Brexit and their plan. It’s also about what the public are concerned about, and it’s important to let them be a part of the process and give the space to have their voices heard. It’s irrelevant whether your MPs been briefed by his superiors or not, the public still have a right to be heard and it can only be beneficial to know how the people they are elected to represent feel about the situation.  
  1. For example – Your MP might say they’re concerned about having a large meeting or don’t have time to host one. Example answers are:
  • The meeting can happen during their regular surgeries, so there’s no extra time they need to put in.
  • Meetings will be limited to 5 attendees (the tech on the organise hub will sort this), so it won’t feel like a big crowd.
  1. For example – Your MP might say they’re hesitant to meet with people who are on just one side of the debate, or say that their constituency voted mainly either ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’, so they don’t need to hear from the other side. Example answers are:
  • The meeting will be attended by both Leave and Remain voters, so it’ll be an open-minded discussion (the tech on the organise hub will again help sort this)
  • It’s part of the MPs job to listen to their constituents and hear their views – and Brexit will be better with the input of people, rather than just politicians.
How will other members know to attend?

The office team will send out an email to others in your area with plenty of notice. In order for this to happen, you just need to list the confirmed meeting on the community hub – from there, the wheels are all in motion!
This means that if you have a meeting confirmed, it’s best to set it up on the organise hub straight away, so the office team can send out an invite as soon as possible (and so no one else tries to set one up).

I have more questions about the day and how to prepare for it.

Most other questions you may have should be answered in the guides the office team have put together. You’ll receive these materials via email within a day of posting your meeting on the organise hub, and a copy in the post at least 3 days before your meeting is scheduled.

You’ll receive:

  • The ‘Conversation Guide’ which outlines the six main concerns about vital services and laws 38 Degrees members want protected once we leave the EU. It also has tips on good questions to ask your MP surrounding these concerns to help guide your conversation. It’s also just very informative!
  • The ‘Action Guide’ which details how best to prepare for the meeting beforehand.
  • A 38 Degrees pen to make notes with

I'm attending a meeting that was already set up and have questions.

I want to register to attend - how does the site work?

You’ll be able to make an account hereOnce you’re signed in, you can RSVP to the event in your constituency and start chatting to other members.

What will be expected of me at the meeting?

Ahead of the meeting you’ll be able to speak to other members going along so you can decide on a plan for who’ll do what. There are some suggested roles – such as taking notes, taking a camera along to take a photo of the meeting, or volunteering to write up an account of it afterwards. But the main expectation is that you’ll go along to the meeting to talk about the 38 Degrees member’s vision for Brexit. You’ll be given a conversation guide to help, and the hope is that these meetings will be thoughtful discussions where everyone has a chance to speak, and the views of 38 Degrees members from all across your constituency are represented.

Can I see any resources before the meeting?

Yes! The conversation guide is available here and the guide to making the meeting a success is here. A copy will also be sent to you in the post ahead of the meeting.

What if I sign up but can’t make it anymore?

That’s ok! Life happens and it’s fine if you can’t make it. Please let Inti from the office team know by sending an email to inti.r@38degrees.org.uk so he can find someone to take your place. Also, if you’ve been in touch with other members who are planning on going, it’s worth sending them a message to let them know you can no longer make it!

I wanted to come but didn't get a space - why?

How were the attendees chosen?

The first member to successfully book a time with their MP was automatically the organiser of the meeting, as they’ll be the main contact for the MPs office. After that the first two leave voters and the first two remain voters who took the survey and said they’d like to go along were offered a space at the meeting. If they couldn’t come along the office team just worked down the list. Spaces were offered first come first served, but to get a balance of opinions and views members were also invited based on how they voted.

How can I let my MP know my views? Can I organise another meeting?

As a constituent you’re welcome to set up a meeting with your MP at any time to discuss your views on Brexit. However the office team will not be able to invite other 38 Degrees members along to join you at your own meeting as it could get confusing for the MP and other members. If you do set up your own meeting and would like a copy of the conversation guide to help you plan what you’re going to say you can download it here.

General Questions:

For anyone organising or attending

Can I bring people along to the meeting?

There’s a strict cap of 5 people able to attend each meeting, and other 38 Degrees members will be wanting to attend. Please ask anyone who wants to join the meeting to register their interest here and the office team will get back to people who have a space as soon as possible.

How do I talk with other members who’ll be attending the meeting?

You can connect with other members on the organise hub here.

Question hasn’t been answered here?

You can email us at emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk using the subject line ‘DIY Brexit – MP Meetings’ or call 020 7970 6023.