When should I meet with my MP?

Most meetings will happen between the 19th February – 19th March. The White Paper (the government report) on the BBC is due in May, so as long as you can meet your MP by mid April, that’s fine.
We want our MPs to put pressure on John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, before the release of the White Paper – so meeting your MP before 19th March will give them lots of time to represent your views to John Whittingdale.

How should I contact my MP?

Make sure you have a phone with you, then click here. This will bring you to a page to call your MP and set up the meeting online.

I tried to contact my MP, but it says the meeting is already set up?

It looks like another member in your constituency has set up the MP meeting already – so why not go along and support them? There’ll be a link to RSVP once you sign into the website here.

What should I discuss with my MP?

You can talk about your views on the BBC: why it’s important to you, why it should be protected, and what the BBC means for Britain. You can find out where they stand on it – and ask them to represent your views to John Whittingdale.
There’ll be a briefing guide beforehand – we’ll put it up here as soon as it’s ready, and it will be emailed to you a week before your meeting.

What if my MP can’t meet with me, or doesn’t want to meet?

There’s a couple of things you could do:

– First, remind them the meeting can just be part of their surgery, and wouldn’t have to last very long.

– Also, let them know that you’ll be letting local media know about the event (the office team will show you how to do this before the meeting happens)
If you still have concerns, why not talk with other members about this, and any other aspects of MP meetings you want to discuss ? There’s a forum made for this where members from across the country can discuss how organising their meetings are going here.

How will other members know to attend?

Please don’t worry – the office team will send out an email to others in your area with plenty of notice. Once it’s listed on the organise hub, the wheels are all in motion. It’s best to set it up on the organise hub straight away, so that we can send out an invite as soon as possible.

How do I talk with other members who’ll be attending the meeting?

You can connect with other members on the organise hub here.

I have more questions about the day/how to prepare for it.

Why not chat with other 38 Degrees members who are gearing up to do the same thing as you? Here is a forum to talk about how to get local media, deal with tricky MPs, and make the most of your day.

Question not answered through the forum?

You can email in at emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk or call 020 7970 6023.