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Speak Out

19 Sep 17

You’re persuasive. Together with millions of others, you’ve used the 38 Degrees website to persuade MPs to change how they vote on...


The Great British Brexit Survey Results

15 Sep 17

Brexit is a huge moment for our country. Years from now, history books will have chapters dedicated to it. But right now,...

Paycap Video

15 Sep 17

Will Theresa May pay our nurses, firefighters and police properly? The public sector pay cap has been all over the news this...


Reinstate the Grosvenor 10

14 Sep 17

Ten people working in a popular Scottish cinema have been sacked over a £1.89 mistake. G1, the largest hospitality company in Scotland,...

Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg

Murdoch Sky Takeover

13 Sep 17

Rupert Murdoch will be fuming today. The government just announced a full-blown investigation into his media empire. The dirt it digs up...

Homelessness Crisis

13 Sep 17

Today the government’s been accused of fuelling a huge rise in homelessness. It’s splashed all over the news. A report from the...