Sir Philip Green

2 Nov 18

Sir Philip Green has been exposed as the businessmen accused of sexual harassment, racism and bullying. [1] The billionaire tried to buy...


Let the Telfers keep their home and business

2 Nov 18

A Scottish Duke is forcing a family to leave the farm they’ve lived on for years. All because he wants to sell...


Agriculture after Brexit

2 Nov 18

Our supermarket shelves could be flooded with low-quality food if we make dodgy trade deals after Brexit. [1] Decent British farmers could...


Freebies from the Saudi Arabian government

1 Nov 18

Boris Johnson accepted a £14,000 all-expenses-paid trip from the Saudi Arabian government. [1] And he’s not alone – a total of 38 MPs have received...

Have your say on the Brexit deal: The results are in

1 Nov 18

In the coming weeks, MPs will vote on Brexit. It’s a big decision that will affect a lot of the things we...

Something to be proud of

30 Oct 18

Yesterday, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the government’s spending plans for the year ahead. [1] It’s not hard for 38 Degrees-ers like us...