What does the public think of government support for farmers?

5 Oct 18

After Brexit, the way farmers receive government support will change. This change will have a massive impact on our environment, countryside and...

NHS: Making a splash at the Conservative conference

2 Oct 18

This is amazing! Last month thousands of 38 Degrees-ers chipped in to get our NHS funding message in front of top politicians...


Grenfell: we are being heard

1 Oct 18

A message from Grenfell United via 38 Degrees: Today has been emotional. Housing Minister James Brokenshire has just announced a ban on...

90% of Conservative voters want Amazon to pay more tax

1 Oct 18

More than 90% of Conservative voters believe the Chancellor should change tax rules to make large international firms like Amazon pay more....


Plastic packaging on beer cans

1 Oct 18

Danish beer company Carlsberg just announced they’re ditching plastic packaging rings from their cans. [1] And Thatchers Cider has done the same...

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Fracking – Democracy

1 Oct 18

Four people, including a teacher and a scientist, have just been sentenced to jail for protesting against government fracking plans. [1] Plans...