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NHS Winter Crisis: Petition

16 Jan 18

It’s worse than we thought. New polling, paid for by 38 Degrees members, shows that nearly four million people in England have...

NHS Funding Crisis: hospitals on red or black alert

10 Jan 18

Hospitals across England are under pressure. Thousands of operations are being cancelled. In the past this level of crisis was known as...


Introduce a tax on throwaway plastic

9 Jan 18

Influential MPs are calling for a 25p charge on throwaway plastic coffee cups. [1] It could seriously tackle plastic pollution and help...


NHS Winter Crisis

9 Jan 18

NHS winter crisis: hospitals on red or black alert DISCLAIMER: the information on this page was last updated on January 18th, 2018....

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Trade deals in secret?

3 Jan 18

The food you eat. The place you work. The medicine you take when you’re ill. All of these depend on trade. Do...


2018: What next?

1 Jan 18

Happy New Year! There’s a lot at stake in 2018 – from Brexit to the NHS to our environment. It’s crucial we...