council tax

End prison sentences for council tax debt

4 Jul 19

“I’m still suffering to this day … It makes you always look over your shoulder.”– Anonymous 40 year old woman imprisoned for...


Stop the throwaway culture of ‘festival tents’

2 Jul 19

“It’s awful to imagine any tent could be branded as single-use, especially as so many precious resources are used to make it,”-Emily...


Save our swifts

30 Jun 19

New studies show that the number of swifts flying to our shores this summer will be the lowest since records began –...

saudi petition

Stop UK-Saudi Arabia Arms Trade

25 Jun 19

For years our government has sold millions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia that are being used to kill and...


Protect Britain’s NHS, workers, and food: don’t back a no-deal Brexit

24 Jun 19

“Shortages of some medicines within weeks”.   This is the shocking warning from medicine suppliers about what could happen because of a...


Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education

23 Jun 19

Our experience at school shapes our whole lives. But right now many Disabled children, including those with special educational needs, are being...