Protect Sherwood Forest

18 May 17

In a matter of weeks, Sherwood Forest, Britain’s most famous woodland, could be at risk. A huge energy company called Ineos wants...

Reinstate a Lollipop Person at Oakwood Academy School

17 May 17

Reinstate a lollipop person who will help children cross a very busy road at school times This is about the health and...


Save Ongar Leisure Centre

17 May 17

Ongar is about to lose its only leisure centre. The council want to knock it down to make way for just a...


Complete the BearsWay Project

17 May 17

The BearsWay project is an important initiative for increasing sustainable transport. It has sadly been shouted down by a small but vocal...

Three people in 38 Degrees T shirts smile and celbrate

Rescue our Democracy

17 May 17

They say you need to take risks in life to achieve anything. Well, with 3 weeks until the election that’s exactly what...

fiiiinal people talking

Young peoples vote

17 May 17

Is this the worst thing about the upcoming general election? The government has changed the system for registering people to vote, so...