NHS Report: Email your MP

16 Nov 17

It’s worse than we thought. 38 Degrees’ damning report into the NHS, funded by thousands of us, has revealed 70 frontline services...

Health and social care funding: policy solutions to the health and social care funding crisis

16 Nov 17

Executive Summary There is a growing consensus about the need for more funding for the English health and social care system. The...

The State of the NHS: rationing and closures as cuts bite

15 Nov 17

Executive summary The founding principle of the NHS is universally accessible health care that is free at the point of use. With...


Scottish Devolution

14 Nov 17

Picture the scene: it’s a few years from now, and the Brexit dust is beginning to settle. The deals have been done...


Are you on board?

13 Nov 17

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on the principles they believe should shape Scottish tax reform. These principles came after 14,000 of...


NHS Report: Update

13 Nov 17

We’re so close. The damning report about the state of the NHS is nearly finished. Right now expert researchers are dotting the...