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Living Wage Supermarkets

38 Degrees Guide: Living Wage in Supermarkets

3 Oct 15

Wondering how employees are paid at your local supermarket? Check out this guide below (click for a bigger image):  

Living Wage vs. National Living Wage. Spot the difference.

2 Oct 15

The term ‘Living Wage’ is an old old term, but in July’s budget, George Osborne claimed it as his own by announcing the introduction of a ‘National Living Wage’. So what exactly has George Osborne proposed and how is it different from the National Minimum...


Aldi: please pay the Living Wage

18 Sep 15

*Update: Aldi have now said they’re engaging in talks with the Living Wage Foundation about paying their staff a Living Wage. Let’s keep up the pressure so that these talks result in change! Rock bottom wages mean thousands of people working in supermarkets still struggle...

Will Tesco step forward to end poverty pay?

21 Nov 14

Thanks to the support of 34,000 members of 38 Degrees, Tesco has agreed to a new dialogue about becoming a Living Wage employer! On 38 Degrees’ Campaigns By You website, Amy Bradley, a former Tesco worker, supported by the team at ShareAction and our partner...

Tesco’s AGM last week: Amy’s action

3 Jul 14

This blog post has been written by Amy, a former Tesco employee and 38 Degrees member, who has started the campaign to make Tesco pay the Living Wage. I went to the Tesco AGM to raise the issue of a Living Wage. Over 32,500 people...

Tesco: Amy’s living wage campaign

24 Jun 14

How much does Tesco value its workers? Not enough, according to 38 Degrees member and former Tesco employee, Amy. She’s started a campaign to make Tesco pay a ‘Living Wage’. Amy says: “I worked at Tesco for over seven years, and saw first-hand the problems...