Using the power of media is one of the key ways to make change in today’s politics. Politicians certainly know it – they spend years learning how to give slick, soundbite-filled performances with the help of their media advisers.

38 Degrees is a bit different. People-powered campaigns rely on media that’s people-powered too. When we speak up together, we prove that politics doesn’t have to be a performance. If it’s a bit rough round the edges, so much the better.

Landscape landscape

Thank you for agreeing to contribute to a people-powered video project. Having your voice in the debate is going to make a big difference.

On this page you’ll find some detailed instructions on how to record a video of yourself and send it through to the 38 Degrees office team.

Recording a video

Step one: camera app

Tap the camera app on your phone.

It’ll look something like this:

Arrow pointing to camera app icon on phone screen.

Step two: video mode

Switch from photo mode to video mode.

You might have an icon that looks a bit like a film camera. Here’s what it looks like on my phone:

Arrow pointing to film icon in bottom right of phone camera screen.

Step three: front camera

Everyone likes a good selfie. Tap the “front camera” or “switch cameras” icon on your phone.

It usually looks like arrows going round in a circle, or arrows going around a camera – like this:

Arrow pointing to switch camera icon in top right of phone camera screen

Step four: go landscape

Don’t be too startled by the beautiful reflection you can see in your front camera.

This is really important – now please physically rotate your phone onto its side so that your screen is now landscape rather than portrait.

All videos are landscape in format. It’s like a cinema screen. We may not be able to use your footage unless it’s recorded landscape.

Here’s a visual representation of me proudly rotating my phone:

Step three and a bit - ROTATE YER PHONE1

This is how you want it to look before you start recording!

Landscape landscape

Step five: record!

Ready? Hit the big red “record” button to start recording your video!


Step four - press record

Step six: stop recording

Tap the same button again to stop recording.

Try not to look as worried as I do here:

Step five - stop recording

Uploading your footage

Step seven: gallery

Go to your phone’s “gallery” or “album” where your recorded video is stored.

You can usually find the gallery/album by tapping the little thumbnail image in the corner of your camera app.

Step six - go to gallery

Step eight: share

Find your video, then tap the “share” button.

This will enable you to send the video through to the 38 Degrees office team.

The “share” button usually looks a bit like some connections joining up some blobs.

Step seven - tap share


Step nine: send

Choose the way you want to share the video with us.

You can send over your footage by email. Or you could upload the footage to your Google Drive, and then share the link to it with us.

You can send the material to Luke at

If you’re having any problems with this step, do give the office a call on 02074157179.

Step eight - share by email or google doc etc

That’s it!

Thanks for agreeing to take part in a people-powered film shoot. If you have any more questions, you can get in touch on 02074157179 or email our communications assistant Luke at