How will the Survival Fund help refugees?

The Survival Fund will provide urgent help for refugees who come to Britain. The Survival Fund will bring together support from charities, businesses and ordinary people. It’ll make sure that every family has the basics while they’re away from home. It could make sure they have:

  • Children’s essentials, by collecting donations for pyjamas, shoes and coats
  • Places to live, by finding empty buildings to bring back into use
  • A warm, supportive welcome and a home-cooked meal, by introducing refugees to local families
  • And other basics like helping find a school for children, a dentist or doctor

In the past, similar schemes like this have been set up to help refugees entering Britain. You can read about the kind of work they did, and how they helped, at some of these links:

Information about some of the Jewish refugees to Britain during the second world war:
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Who will be part of the Survival Fund? Who is involved?

38 Degrees is partnering with other people-powered organisations Citizens UK and Avaaz to launch the Survival Fund. It aims to bring together public and private sector organisation and voluntary groups to give desperate mums, dads and kids the help they need to get back on their feet. It’s likely that people who lead charities, public sector organisations or religious groups will be involved.

What will happen if you raise more money than the Survival Fund needs?

If 38 Degrees members raise more money than the Survival Fund needs, it’ll either go into other projects to help refugees or towards other 38 Degrees campaigns.

Why isn’t this the government’s role?

The government has promised to support refugees, but together 38 Degrees members can go much further. For families who have travelled hundreds of miles to flee persecution with nothing, and who are facing a cold winter, to be admitted into the UK is not enough.

The struggle won’t end when they reach our safe shores. The fund will help make sure that refugees are welcomed into our communities. It’ll also make sure that Britain doesn’t miss any opportunities to help: whether that’s coordinating refugee families with empty buildings, or helping to find school places for children. If we work together, we can make sure refugees are welcomed into the UK with dignity.

What safeguards will there be to make sure my money is used to help the right people?

38 Degrees takes utmost care with donations and will ensure that all the money raised goes to sources we can vouch for. There will be proper checks and balances on all money given out and recipients will be required to provide evidence of how donations have been spent. 38 Degrees is financially accountable to a board that oversees all finances to make sure all money that is donated is spent properly.

Can I volunteer to help out near me or donate services/ a space/ clothes?

Right now 38 Degrees members are focusing on raising enough money to launch the Survival Fund. But once it’s going there should be lots of opportunities to get more involved.

Here’s a great guide to other ways you can help:

Or volunteer to help here: