People Power in January 2021

31 Jan 21

Coronavirus may have brought with it a difficult start to the year, but during January 38 Degrees members still came together to make people power happen.  Here are some highlights of what we achieved together 👇


Walkers announce a new recycling scheme for crisp packets!

5 Oct 18

Breaking news: Walkers have just announced they’re launching a scheme to recycle crisp packets. [1] It’ll mean fewer crisp packets going to landfill or washing up on our beaches. And it’s down to you. Walkers bosses have taken this huge step forward because of the...


Win! Save the Butterfields Estate

7 Nov 16

Great news, after a long campaign the residents of the Butterfields Estate in London have saved their homes! Back in February, Nicole started her petition on the 38 Degrees website. And it soon went from strength to strength gaining thousands of signatures.  But that was just the...