PIP update: 48 hours

19 Mar 16

A lot has happened in 24 hours. Yesterday, 38 Degrees members leapt into action to help stop cuts to support for disabled people, called Personal Independence Payment. Iain Duncan Smith, the minister in charge of welfare, has now resigned and the government has said they...


George Osborne: Don’t Cut Personal Independence Payment

18 Mar 16

George Osborne wants to take money away from people living with disabilities. The support he’s slashing, known as the Personal Independence Payment, is used by disabled people to help them live an independent life – for aids to help with things like washing and dressing. In...

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Employment Support Allowance: Government forces through cuts

16 Mar 16

It’s bad news. Iain Duncan Smith’s finally got his way – forcing through cuts to support for people who face barriers to work due to illness or disability. Employment Support Allowance (ESA) is a lifeline: it pays to heat a cold home after cancer treatment, and...

Athena’s wheelchair

7 Mar 16

Athena’s custom built wheelchair was broken being loaded onto her British Airways flight to Glasgow. More than a hundred days later, BA still haven’t provided proper compensation – leaving Athena, a successful writer, forced to rely on favours to get around. Now, thousands of 38...

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Employment Support Allowance – The Lords listened to us!

1 Feb 16

“Fairness and compassion has prevailed.” Helen, 38 Degrees member “I’m so very grateful to everyone who stood against these proposals. Thank you so much.” Tanya, 38 Degrees member It’s good news: 38 Degrees members were listened to on harsh cuts to welfare. As the House...

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Employment Support Allowance – a lifeline

25 Jan 16

We have less than 48 hours to stop people who are too unwell to work being pushed into poverty. On Wednesday, the House of Lords will vote on whether it should cut financial support for ill and disabled people. [1] Unless we act quickly together...