The image shows a line of workers wearing medical masks to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Some good news!

14 May 20

The government’s official guidelines to protect people returning to work have been published. Thanks to pressure from unions, MPs, and over 76,000 38 Degrees members  – the rules are stronger and more of us will be kept safe. When the government’s draft guidelines were leaked...

Image shows Boris Johnson outside of a BBC building.

What we’ve done for our BBC

24 Apr 20

Bill in Nottinghamshire turns to the BBC “for reliable information on the current coronavirus outbreak”. Keith from Edmonton has two young girls who love the “creative ideas” they get from its kids shows. It’s why they – and 332,481 others – have spoken out against...


38 Degrees members response to the UK-US trade relations inquiry

28 Feb 17

Below are the responses from 178,066 38 Degrees members for the International Trade Committee on UK-US trade relations: 99% agree or strongly agree that trade deals should maintain current safety standards for products for sale in the UK (e.g. food, medicines, electronics). Our safety standards...


Brexit and our Environment

24 Aug 16

Right now big business lobbyists are eyeing up our environment – looking to use Brexit to scrap protections for wildlife and our countryside. But together we can stop them. You can join thousands of other 38 Degrees members and make a truly people-powered plan. Together...


Brexit and Immigration

9 Aug 16

We can be proud of the way we’re drawing up our demands for Brexit together. From protecting our NHS to creating a fairer economy, we’re mapping out a bold, positive vision for Brexit Britain that truly puts people first. Now it’s time to look at...


Brexit and our Rights

8 Aug 16

Our NHS, the economy and trade. Hundreds of thousands of us have been diving into some pretty meaty issues in the last few days, deciding a bold set of demands for Brexit together. Now it’s time to talk about our legal rights. They protect us...