When should the petition delivery happen?

Ideally, the hand-ins will all happen before Chancellor George Osborne makes his autumn statement, so between the 9th – 24th November.

That said, if you or your MP can’t meet before the 25th, that’s fine! You can arrange the meeting for a day that works for both of you – that way, your MP will know it’s coming and be able to put pressure on Osborne before the autumn statement.

Where should we hold our event?

The easiest way to get a meeting with an MP is calling up their office and trying to arrange a meeting with them. A lot of MPs are in their constituencies at the weekend, holding surgeries or meeting constituents in other ways, so calling their office and asking for a meeting at their constituency office or surgery is the best way.

If meeting at your MPs constituency doesn’t work for any reason, you could arrange to meet them somewhere that works for them – ask them for a place that they’re available to meet and hold them to it.

Will you send me the petition and what will it look like?

For data protection reasons, we can’t send you the full petition, since the people who signed the petition did not give permission for their contact information to be shared with MPs.

So we’ll be sending you a certificate in the post, and then you can fill in the number of people who signed in your area. Don’t worry, we’ll email you the number of people who’ve signed, so you’ll just need to write that in the blank space on the certificate.

If your MP queries the use of a certificate, rather than a normal petition, you can let them know that the petition is a symbolic show of the number of people in their constituency that are against cuts to tax credits.


When will I receive the petition and other materials?

We will be sending out the certificate from 9th November, and will send more when events are set up.

It’s best to give the office 5 working days notice between setting up your event on the hub page and your meeting with your MP – but if that’s not possible, please don’t worry!

Just send an email to emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk and we’ll make sure you receive the certificate.

How do I contact other members, and see if they're attending?

You can contact other members on the organise hub, here: http://organise.38degrees.org.uk/?tinfo_id=10

You can comment in the discussion to start talking about the plans!

Members planning to attend can ‘RSVP’ to attend, and comment in the discussion.

What if when I ask for a meeting with my MP they try and refuse?

There’s a couple of things you could do:
– Remind them the meeting can just be part of their surgery, and wouldn’t have to last very long. You’re a constituent with a concern – it’s part of their job to meet with you.
– Tell them that you’re arranging a meet-up outside their constituency office (or at a landmark where you live) and that there’s likely to be local press and media attending. If they know their refusal to come along is going to be covered by local press they’ll be much more likely to listen to you!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to organise the petition delivery in your constituency!

Ring your MP’s constituency office and ask for a meeting with your MP: Tell them you want to hand in a petition against cuts to tax credits that’s been signed by hundreds of people in their constituency. You can find information about your MPs constituency office here: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Create an event online: Once you’ve got a time set with your MP, you’ll need to create an event on the 38 Degrees organising hub. To set up the event go to the organise hub and enter your postcode to find your constituency. You’ll then need to enter your name and full address (this is important so we can send the certificate to you) and then email invitations to other members in your constituency.

It’s best to get this done ASAP so that the office team can invite other 38 Degrees members along to support you on the day.

Once everything is confirmed, the office team will:
– send out the certificate to you
– email you with the number of people who’ve signed this petition in your area
– email you with more hints and tips to make sure you have a successful event!

The office team will be in touch again soon to help with the finishing touches (like visual props, getting the media there and more!)


Ok, I’m ready – let’s set up my event!


What if more than one person volunteers?

Only one person will be able to set up the meeting with the MP so it doesn’t get confusing, but once the event is set up you’ll be able to talk to all other volunteers on the organise hub to make plans for the day itself.

When will you invite other members?

Once you have your event set up here: http://organise.38degrees.org.uk/?tinfo_id=10, we’ll email out to other members in your area. This will happen pretty well daily on weekdays!

Where can I see the online petitionWhat should I take with me?

Be sure to take along:

  • Your certificate, filled in with the number of people who’ve signed in your area
  • Any placards or banners you have made
  • A camera/cameraphone, to share any photos with us and local journalists.
What can I say to my MP about tax credits?

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to be an expert about tax credits to talk with your MP – you can talk about your concerns with the proposed cuts and ask them how they plan to influence George Osborne’s decision.

But if you’d like a little more info, we’ll soon be creating a helpful doc with more information. Keep an eye out here!
Your petition pack will also include real life stories of the effects of cuts to tax credits on people in your constituency, if we have that information, or from around the UK, if not.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

If you have a question that isn’t mentioned in this help page, please send an email to emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk