38 Degrees have decided to no longer host this petition as it conflicts with our campaign to Save our BBC. Part of the mission of 38 Degrees is to protect our democracy, including scrutiny which is delivered through a public service broadcaster.

We have offered the petition starter assistance in moving their petition to a different website, contacting the 97,557 people who are still subscribed to updates for the petition about this move, and redirecting this link to point at the new petition. But unfortunately the petition starter has declined to do this.

If and when the petition starter decides to set up their petition elsewhere, we will redirect this link to it.

About our campaign to Save Our BBC:

The government plans to curtail BBC funding would mean the majority of BBC radio stations and TV channels are scrapped, along with the license fee. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to dodge scrutiny and accountability.

Our BBC is a world leading public service. The way that it is funded means that it’s independent of government and corporate pressure. 38 Degrees believes that independent, well funded, publicly owned services are vital to uphold and defend democracy.

The government has briefed their intention to “whack” the BBC and “prune its reach” into peoples homes, using funding changes as the vehicle to do so. At a time when fake news can spread like wildfire on social media and when so much is at stake, this is a dangerous attack on democracy.

If you would like to find out more about the petition that was on this link, you can do so here.