How do I enter the signatures I collected for the TTIP Day of Action?

You can post your signatures back to 38 Degrees and we’ll make sure they get entered! You can send them to:

38 Degrees

40 Bowling Green Lane




If you’d rather enter them from home, you can do so here:

Nothing happens when I press 'add signature' - what's happening?

If nothing happens after you press ‘add signature’, you just need to enter your own email address in the field near the top of the signature page. You can find this again here: Then, once you press ‘add signature’, the details of the signature will appear below and the fields will empty so you can enter the next signature.

What do I do if someone signs the petition without an email address?

Please encourage signers to add their email address, so they can be sent an update about the campaign. But don’t worry if they don’t,  they can still sign the petition and you can enter their signature by leaving the email field blank. At a minimum, everyone should be encouraged to give a postcode in order to prove they are a constituent.

I’m unsure if the signature was correctly added to the petition.

If you pressed ‘Add Signature’ or ‘I’m Finished’, the signature has been added to the petition. Even if the page closes before you press ‘I’m Finished’, the signatures you already entered have been added!

What if the signature is difficult to read when entering signatures?

If you can’t read a signature, it unfortunately means it can’t be entered. Try to keep this in mind when collecting signatures: maybe ask people to sign or write clearly, or have a designated writer for postcodes and names.

When will my pack arrive?

Packs should be arriving by the end of Friday (the 21st) as long as you signed up with your address here: before Wednesday the 19th August.

If you haven’t signed up by this date, you can still print materials here:

What will the day involve?

Thousands of 38 Degrees members are coming together in town centres and local neighbourhoods across the UK at 11am on Saturday 22nd August. Together, we’re meeting on our local high streets to gather signatures for the 2.3 million strong petition against TTIP.

What should I take with me?

-Petition sheets to collect signatures
-A camera or smartphone if you have one to take pictures so you can share what’s happening on social media or by emailing the 38 Degrees office team
-Any posters or placards you’d like to make and take
-Leaflets to hand out

-Feel free to bring a friend along, too!

If you registered to attend the event on the TTIP day of action hub before August 19th, you’ll receive a pack of materials by Friday 21st August. If you registered after this, or haven’t yet registered, you can print materials from home here:

I’m having trouble signing in to the event page!

If you’ve tried to log in to the TTIP day of action hub but can’t get your password right, click “Forgotten password” and you’ll get an email that will tell you how to reset it.

You’ll need to have made an account with your email address before you can access the event page.

When I try to sign up, it's saying 'email address taken' - how do I get in?

You’ll just need to sign-in, instead of register. You can do this here:

The page will look like this (click for a bigger image):

Organise sign in

I'm still having trouble signing in!

Please go here to sign-in:

The page will look like this (click for a bigger image):

Organise sign in


If the page says your password isn’t right, you can press ‘Forgot your password’ to be emailed a new one, as shown below. Once you get your new password, follow the above steps to sign-in. Please make sure you’re entering your password exactly as it was emailed to you, and putting your full email address in the top box.


organise forgot password



If you get a notification saying there’s no account with your email address, like below, you’ll need to make an account.

organise no account



To do this, click the ‘Don’t have an account? Register here’ button. You can see this button to the left of the star below:

organise register


Once you’ve clicked this button, enter your postcode as below:

organise register postcode

Then press ‘Find my constituency’. You’ll then be able to fill out your details and the number of leaflets you’d like, as below:

organise registration

Once you’re done, press ‘Submit’. You’ll then be able to see all the details for the event in your area and chat with other local members.



Where is the event nearest me?

To find out where members are meeting in your area, sign up or log in to the TTIP day of action hub – it will take you to a page with a map and a list of events.

Event locations are written in the description of the event, and are represented on the map by the little blue icons.

Can I join an event in a different constituency?

Sure! If you’ll be in a different area on Saturday than your local constituency, you can search for events in any area on the TTIP day of action hub.

To find events planned in the area you’ll be in, you’ll first need to sign-in. Then, click your name near the top of the screen, as shown below (click the picture to make it bigger):



Then, change your postcode to the area you’ll be in on Saturday. This will let you see any events in that area. You can see this page below:


Where can I find materials to print - like TTIP petition sheets, leaflets and posters?

You can print all the materials you need at home here:

Can I order more leaflets?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any extra leaflets to send out – but you can print your own here:

Where can I see the online TTIP petition?

You can view the petition online here:

Organisations across the EU are collecting signatures for what’s called a “European Citizen’s Intiative” and this petition feeds into that!

What do I do with the signatures after the 22nd?

You can send in the filled out petition sheets you collect on the day to the office team – we’ll make sure all the signatures get uploaded!

There’ll be an envelope in the pack with our address already on it, so you’ll just need to put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the post.

The address for the office team is:

38 Degrees

40 Bowling Green Lane



What do I say if people aren't sure if they've signed the petition already?

If people want to sign, but don’t know if they already have, it’s definitely okay to sign again. All duplicate signatures will be removed before it’s handed in. This is a huge Europe-wide petition, and signing again will just ensure their opposition to TTIP is heard.

Where can I find out more about TTIP?Who will be at my local event? What if plans change?

You can find out all the details about the event you’ve signed up for on the TTIP day of action hub and in the discussion on that page. But don’t worry if plans change – you can chat to other members to make suggestions and find out the latest plans.

Where should I collect petition signatures? Is it legal to collect petition signatures or give out leaflets?

Try to find a prominent place with lots of foot traffic to collect your petition signatures. Gather together with other 38 Degrees members who have come along. You might also want one of your group to be in a nearby cafe to upload the petition signatures you collect straight onto the online petition.

It’s legal to collect petition signatures. There are a few different rules about giving out leaflets, but it is legal, and you don’t need to pay any fees since it’s for a political purpose. You can read more on this here:

In terms of Public Liability Insurance, our experience with past Days of Action has proved that if you are petitioning on public land, and do not block the right of way while doing so, you don’t need to worry about Public Liability Insurance.

Some councils have told members that you’re not allowed to stand in the town centre. This is wrong. Unless you are causing an obstruction (say setting up a table etc) then you don’t need any permission from the council. There’s a bit of legal guidance here on charity/political organisations which should clarify:

If you’re in a public place, you’re well within your rights to hand leaflets out to the public if it’s for a charity, or a political or religious group. If anyone does ask you to move, put the ball back in their court and ask where you can hand them out instead.

If you’re meeting up somewhere that could be considered private property – like inside of a shopping centre – security or the centre’s managers could ask you to leave. If you are asked to leave somewhere by staff or security it’s best to do so and move to a public space to carry on collecting signatures or handing out your leaflets.

What if no one else turns up on August 22nd?

Don’t worry if no one else turns up! You can get plenty done on your own – in recent days of action, many members said that they had a great time and collected loads of signatures on their own.

The more people you can talk to on the day, the better – so give it your best shot and have fun when you’re out there. Remember you’re not alone – there’s lots of people in the UK doing the exact same thing!

Can I have leaflets and petition sheets to use around my neighbourhood instead of at an event?Where can I direct friends/family/neighbours who want to join in local 38 Degrees events?

People who want to join 38 Degrees events should sign up at the TTIP day of action hub.

What if someone refuses to sign the petition?

If someone doesn’t want to sign the petition, respect their individual choice. You can be assertive when asking members to sign the petition, and have a conversation if they seem interested and you have time, but don’t be pushy. There will be lots of people who do want to sign.

What happens if there’s more than one event happening in my constituency?

That’s fine! The more events we have, the more noise we’ll be making about TTIP. Every constituency is a different size, so in some areas it might be more practical to have more than one event. For example, the constituency of Hexham in Northumberland covers a large area – it might be a good idea to have separate events in Prudhoe, Ponteland and Hexham.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

If you have a question that isn’t mentioned in this help page, please send an email to