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May 4th, 2009

A new progressive movement for the UK

By 38 Degrees team

What inspires you most about being part of Obama’s election victory?  What would your advice be  to 38 Degrees as we try to launch a new progressive movement in the UK?

Barack Obama’s victory was inspirational not just because of Obama himself, but also because of how he won.  It was a victory for thousands and thousands of people who got involved in the campaign.  A new approach to campaigning and organising lay at the heart of this success, enabling people across America not just to support Obama but to get actively involved in progressive politics in all manner of ways.

38 Degrees is inspired by the methods of the Obama campaign, and of  organisations like MoveOn.org and GetUp.org.au.  We hope to bring that model of campaigning to the UK.  We’re lucky enough to have the support and advice of a lot of Americans and Australians who helped make those movements successful, as well as a network of supportive NGOs and Trade Unions in the UK.

We’re going to launch in the next month or so, but we know that building a movement of this sort will take time.  We hope that UK-based veterans of the Obama campaign, and of organisations like Get Up and Move On, will be key sources of early support.  You know how this sort of campaigning works and why it’s important.  Please share your thoughts and ideas with us, so we can learn from them.  And please sign up to receive our emails so you can get involved once we launch in few weeks time.

  • Did you volunteer for the campaign? What was that experience like?
  • How else did you help?
  • What did you learn?
  • What advice do you have for campaigners and activists here in the UK?
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