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Sep 14th, 2009

We’re going local – Tell us about a campaign near you

By JohnnyChatterton

People power can change the world. By working together we can highlight injustice, correct flawed policies, save lives, combat poverty and generally make the world a better place to live in. Our people powered movement is growing fast, there are now over 20,000 of us.

Now our small staff team* needs your help. We’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to support campaigners on the ground across the UK and want to hear about campaigns near you that we can get involved with.  We’re looking for campaigns where we can genuinely help, they should have progressive aims and be supported locally.

Maybe there is an American billionaire trying to force you from your home so he can build a giant golf course (1). Maybe a local politician promised to fund rape crisis centers and is not carrying through on his promise (2). Maybe your council is dithering over a planning application for a wind farm. Whatever the issue get in touch if you think it’s something we should get involved with. How? Just leave a comment below (just make sure you type your email address carefully – so we can get in touch)

We can’t guarantee that we’ll campaign on every issue, but we’ll do our best.

To give you an idea of the type of “local” campaigns we’ve been involved with here are two we’ve launched in the last month:

(1) Tripping Up Trump.
American billionaire Donald Trump has asked Aberdeenshire Council to force families out of their homes so he can build a controversial housing and golf complex.  He expects the council to help by using Compulsory Purchase powers which are meant to be reserved for public infrastructure like schools, roads and hospitals.  We’ve been working with the Tripping Up Trump campaign to help stop Trump forcing families from their homes. Find out more here:
(2) Boris Keep Your Promise.
During Boris Johnson’s campaign to be elected Mayor of London, he promised big improvements to rape crisis provision. He promised to cut the amount he spent on media relations and spend the savings on guaranteed funding to increase the number of centers serving the capital from one to four. Now, one year on from the election he seems
to have forgotten this promise so we’re working with Boris Keep Your Promise to push Boris to keep his word. Find out more here: http://38degrees.org.uk/page/s/rapecrisis

So what’s going on near you? How could a people powered movement help improve your local area? Get in touch in the comments below

(* We’ve got a core team of just 4 full time staff and some fantastic volunteers!)

Image – with thanks to Wiki Commons

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