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Jan 25th, 2010

A chance to vote for Recall Law

By KatyW

During the expenses crisis our MPs let us down and we had no way to hold them to account. That’s why we’ve been campaigning for a Recall Law, which would give local voters the power to sack their MP.

So far, over 10 000 people have signed our petition. Now we’ve got the chance to put pressure on the government in another way.

Power 2010 are an organisation devoted to getting political reform onto the agenda of the party that wins the 2010 election. People have been submitting their ideas for reform to the 2010 website, and now they’re asking us to vote on the best ideas, one of which is the Recall Law.

The five reform ideas with most votes will become part of pledge that Power 2010 will campaign to get each candidate for the next election to sign up to, so that we can be sure that the next government will be a reforming one.

The Recall Law is currently in 9th place. Help us get Recall into the top five by voting for the law on the 2010 website.

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