Blair at the Iraq Inquiry – quick update

I’ve just got back from a cold but worth-it few hours outside the Iraq Inquiry. Blair’s still giving evidence, it feels a bit early to draw conclusions about the quality of the questioning. It seems pretty certain to me though that the people asking the questions knew we wanted them to get tough.

14,200 of us had signed the petition by the time we handed it over as an official submission to the inquiry for a final time today. They must have been pretty familiar with us by then – we’ve been sending them email updates of the questions and petition numbers for the past few days, and yesterday evening we paid Sir Roderic Lyne a personal visit to present him with a copy and a “get tough” cake to share with his fellow questioners.

Today we also had the help of some excellent cheerleaders, who gathered a bit of a crowd with chants such as:

“Give us a W, Give us an M, Give us a D….No seriously, show us some…”
There are some pictures on our facebook group. They were real stars, and really into the campaign.

We also had some Billboard Advertisments around London with our top questions on – there’s an article about them with some pics here.

Chilcot seems to have hinted that Blair may be called back to give more evidence later on in the inquiry – perhaps an encouraging sign that the Inquiry is feeling the need to get tougher, and definitely a reason for us to keep up the pressure.