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Feb 19th, 2010

A great campaign win

By 38 Degrees team

Just sent this email out to all the people who got involved in the campaign to stop Rod Liddle becoming editor of the Independent. A great example of people power working, really pleased about it.

Dear David,

We usually try to avoid sending two emails in the same day, but I wanted to let you know straight away that we seem to have won the campaign to stop Rod Liddle becoming editor of the Independent. The Guardian web site reports that thanks to the outcry, Lebedev has “had a change of heart about appointing the Sunday Times columnist to the paper.”

This is a great example of people power working. Thousands of us worked together through facebook, twitter, and the 38 Degrees web site to spread the word about Liddle. We sent almost 3,000 emails to Lebedev and to the Independent’s Managing Director Simon Kelner. Together we’ve stood up for keeping the Independent as a progressive, campaigning newspaper.

If you aren’t already following 38 Degrees on Facebook and Twitter you can find us on the links below – so often that’s where campaigns like this get kicked off.

Thanks for helping win this campaign,


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