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Mar 2nd, 2010

Save the BBC – your comments

By JohnnyChatterton

Over the last 48 hours over 10,000 38 Degrees members have taken action to stand up for the BBC.  Thousands of people have written in telling us their story, below are some of the recent comments, see the latest comments and sign the petition here.

“The BBC is a great national Institution, with a great international reputation for quality that is second to none. Put people first, not profit. Don’t wreck the BBC. Greg

“The BBC is one of the few things we have left to be proud about – lets keep it that way. Jim

“dont you dare!!! you will regret this action.Geoff

“6 music is the only radio station available without ads, and with dj’s with great, varied taste in music. I just can’t imagine work without it. Please keep it going. X” Clare


“Save Public Broadcasting!” Nicholas

“Whoever is responsible for this ludicrous decision has single handedly lost the BBC every ounce of credibility it ever had.” Michael

“Radio 6 would have a huge audience if it was available on FM. Where I live you cannot access digital radio except through the TV – and I can hardly carry that round the house and garden with me. Neither can most people access it in the car where many of us listen to the radio. How about cutting the hugely expensive building programme and the excessive salaries paid to BBC executives and so-called celebrities instead?” Carol

“The BBC is one of the few things the uk has going for her. Don’t give in to corrupt bullies like Murdoch.” Joe

“I don’t care whether other corporations don’t like. The BBC is OURS, and we want it to be as broad and expansive as possible. Who says there needs to be fair competition in the media? It’s our airwaves, and frankly from the mess that has been made in the USA of television, and especially news, the only thing that is stopping news, and therefore politics, going the same way as the USA is BBC, by setting a bar high enough that the others must stay close to. If you neuter the BBC, it’s a race to the bottom, and the entire tone of political discourse in the UK will go down the toilet, taking with the newspapers, talk radio, everything. It is precisely through the lack of “fair” but essential competition that the BBC introduces that keeps the UK from degenerating into an ill-educated backwater. If you think that the educated, sharp, witty qualities are inherent in the culture, try removing the BBC from its omnipresent position and watch the erosion take hold, and twenty years from now you’ll be crying on your knees over the worst decision to befall our nation since TV became ubiquitous”. Alan

“ The BBC serves the people. Corporate media barons do not.” Jane

“6 Music is part of my everyday life, it would be a huge mistake to axe it. It would be a better decision to get rid of Radio 1. There are plenty of commercial radio stations around just like it. Nothing could replace 6 Music!” Scott

“Murdoch et al have only commercial interest in media, the lowest comon denominator is that which sells not what is of quality. The BBC is a cultual gem that we should not lose. Thhe BBC is cheap,malmost evetyone in the UK uses it and gets value for money. Can you imagine FOX news here?” Lance

“I really hope this is a publicity stunt as shutting down 6music would be a huge loss to the British music industry.” Thomas

“please don’t cut radio 6. It is by far the best radio station around and has become a big part in my daily routiene!!! X” Maeve

“It is Rupert Murdoch that needs cutting down to size.Not the BBC” Peter

“The BBC is a national treasure. Don’t let politicians or commercial interests dumb it down or restrict it.” Steve

Why do you think we should save the BBC from harsh cuts. Let us know in the comments.

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