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Mar 23rd, 2010

Watch David’s Trident Video

By KatyW

In the recession, we want our politicians to spend our money wisely. This means protecting vital public services not investing in controversial defence schemes.

Despite this, the government is planning to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system at a massive cost of £97 billion – more than half of our national debt.

Before the Pre-Budget Report last year, thousands of us worked together to persuade the government to rethink their decision to replace Trident. We sent a clear message to the government that we didn’t want taxpayers’ money being spent in this way.

Now, we’re supporting Greenpeace to increase the pressure on the government to rethink Trident. David has joined his voice with journalists, campaigners, military figures and ordinary voters to tell the government what they could do with the money they’d save from a rethink on Trident.

You can watch his video, here: http://cut-trident.greenpeace.org.uk/

David calls for the government to get their spending priorities right. Together, we’ve been working towards goals like an extension to free school meals for children living in poverty, an investment in low carbon technologies to help the UK fight climate change, and a stop to cuts to the BBC. This is where we think the government should be putting its money first, not in Trident.

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