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May 3rd, 2010

If you’re in London Tuesday Lunchtime, come to the flashmob outside parliament!

By 38 Degrees team

UPDATE:  ITN have just made a report on the flash mob – check it out here.

UPDATE 2: Left Foot Forward also made a video, check it out here or below:

Over the weekend, over 30,000 of us joined the 38 Degrees-Avaaz campaign to stop Rupert Murdoch skewing our election. We’ve come together to defend our right to make our own minds up. We’re spreading the word and challenging the spin.

There are just two days of this election campaign left now, and the result’s still looking too close to call. That means we can be sure that the right-wing press will be doing all they can to install their man in Downing St. We need to do all we can to show what they’re up to and stop them gaining momentum.

If by any chance you’re in central London lunchtime today,Tuesday, there’s a “Flashmob” to highlight what the tabloids are up to outside Parliament. It promises “the biggest rolled-up tabloid newspaper sword fight in the world EVER” as a way of saying “yes to hope and no to tabloid fear”.

This could be a great chance to get the rest of the media to report the backlash against Murdoch. It also sounds like it could be fun! Here are the details as posted on the event page on facebook:

FLASHMOB – The Hung Parliament party – Yes to Hope and No To Tabloid Fear!

HOPE vs FEAR? We know which side we’re on. We’ve had enough of The Sun, The Mail and other rags scaremongering and doing their worst to steal our hopes for change.

Let’s come together to be heard — let’s all FLASH-MOB in Westminster near Parliament TOMORROW (Tuesday) lunchtime! (precise venue will be sent out in next 10 hours)

RSVP NOW to the right of this page… go on! RSVP! you know you want to — and invite your friends! (the latest forecast is sunny)

Come prepared to do battle, with a ROLLED-UP COPY of your (least) favourite TABLOID RAG — and don’t forget a nice bit of lunch!

Arrive nonchalantly just beforehand – and at 1pm exactly, let’s scream our hopes out loud and start the biggest ROLLED-UP PAPER SWORD-FIGHT ever!

After we’ve vented our democratic passions at the tabloids, let’s put what’s left of them in a pile in the middle of the space, and all SIT DOWN for a quick HUNG PARLIAMENT PARTY if we like — a picnic lunch and a chat about the change we want to see!

After all, our politicians will have to do the same if no-one wins an overall majority in Thursday’s election – and that might be no bad thing…

My scream is going to be “FOR HOPE AND DEMOCRACY!” What’s yours?

looks like Avaaz, 38 Degrees and Liberal Conspiracy networks are piling in!

(Remember: this is not a demonstration or organised protest — it’s a spontaneous, friendly and self-organising flashmob, and it will start and finish within a few minutes. There shouldn’t be any trouble with the authorities, and of course, let’s all conduct ourselves in a respectful, peaceful and law-abiding way! — and make sure our rolled-up tabloid papers do damage to each other, NOT to us. If the police approach you and ask you to stop, it’s a good idea to do as they say. We’re all responsible for our own actions and safety.) Anyone who wants can join in a litter-pick afterwards — we’ll recycle the battered tabloid rags so they go to a good cause!

RSVP now! And invite your friends to join you!

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