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Jun 18th, 2010

Message of thanks from Kiana Firouz

By Claire Jacob

Kiana Firouz has been granted aslyum! The 27-year old actress and lesbian activist was facing deportation back to Iran, where she would have been at risk of torture and death due to her sexuality. 1,942 of us wrote to Theresa May telling her that this must be stopped.

We have shown that we can make change happen when we work together. Here is a message from Kiana thanking everyone who helped make sure she could stay in safety in the UK:

Dear All,

I would like to thank you for all of your support, comments and messages. Your support and your kind letters create enormous hope and courage for all of those who are discriminated for their beliefs and sexual orientation in Iran and all over the world.

I am just an example of an Iranian lesbian who has suffered from injustice and discrimination in a religious country. There are thousands of Iranian LGBT who are suffering and getting tortured by their families and the society for their sexual orientation inside Iran. I also believe that those who are outside of Iran are facing so many difficulties as well.

I hope this opens further opportunity and movement towards an open society in Iran for everyone, regardless of their sexual preferences. I also hope to see a day that the injustices, torture and death penalties that homosexuals face in Iran are stopped.

Kind regards,
Kiana Firouz

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