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Oct 8th, 2010

The “Stop Cow Factory Farming” ads are working!

By JohnnyChatterton

We did it! Together hundreds of us chipped in to pile pressure on the two companies (Blankney Estates &EM Howard Ltd) who are still supporting the Nocton cow factory farm.

The ads are already working. Just before the newspaper went to press yesterday we got a call from the Lincolnshire Echo. One of the companies had been in touch with them after they heard the ads were coming. Because of the pressure from the company we had to make some quick changes to the ad.

If you want to contact the companies you can find out how to here.

The ads will run today and tomorrow.

Update: 1 – sorry something went a bit wrong there with the image. Here’s a second try! You can view the ad as an image here or download it as a pdf here.


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