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Oct 19th, 2010

Tax Cheats Petition is on George Osborne’s desk

By rob.s

38 Degrees volunteers Eleanor and Rob visited the Treasury today and handed in the Crack Down On Tax Cheats petition.

Over 13,000 members signed the petition and now your signatures and comments are sitting on George Osborne’s desk. We’re calling on him to protect the resources of the men and women who are trying to catch the super-rich bankers and billionaires that cost us £42 billion in lost tax.

Thousands of 38 Degrees members discussed and voted on what we should do about the cuts. Together we chose to campaign on super-rich tax dodgers who have avoided paying billions.

Now, when Osborne is finishing making his final decisions about the Comprehensive Spending Review, he and his team will know about our campaign and that we won’t stand for him making life easier for rich tax dodgers.

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