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Jan 19th, 2011

NHS plans: find out more…

By Neeral Bhatt

Launched today, the new NHS Bill, (the Health and Social Care Bill), is a radical plan to change the way the NHS is organised and how health care is delivered in England.

Photograph by Elin B

The BBC, and the Telegraph have useful Q&As on the new legislation, there’s also a short video, which all help explain what the changes are going to mean in practice as well as explaining the situation in the rest of the UK.

The plans put forward in the bill are controversial. This week six health unions, including the BMA, warned of their “extreme concerns” about the plans for  more commercial competition between the NHS and private companies.

Experts are also saying that these new rules could be a huge waste of money and make it much harder for doctors and nurses to work together, and could increase waiting lists. Lots of people are saying these changes will lead to the NHS getting privatised.

What can I do? Next week, 38 Degrees members all around the country will be getting together, in cafes, sitting rooms, and village halls, to discuss how to take action to protect the NHS.

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