Nocton mega-dairy update

Since the petition delivery last week lots of us have been in touch wondering whats happening now with the mega-dairy plans. A date hasn’t yet been set for a decision, but we’re expecting it to be in early March.

However, the businesses behind the mega-dairy were dealt a blow earlier this week.The Environment agency delivered its submission to the Council, raising its concerns and objection to the plans. This is great news for cows, the enviroment and local farmers.


Photograph by Dirk-Jan Kraan

The Council claim its received an “unprecedented” numbers of comments, possibly hitting 16,000. Only 1900 have been uploaded onto the website so far. Opposition and protest is carrying on in Nocton with a poll in the local area results showing 92% of residents are against the plans.

You can read comments on the Council website here, putting in the reference number:10/1397/FUL