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Jun 10th, 2011

Thousands of us call MPs to protect the NHS

By Mari Tunby

Today thousands of us have been calling our MPs about the important discussions taking place right now between Cameron and Clegg about the NHS reforms. Both members of the public and medical experts are worried about the changes that might still happen – the introduction of more competition into the NHS and the government removing its legal duty to provide a comprehensive health service. Together we’re urging MPs to speak up and ensure the future of a fair and accessible NHS.

Here are some comments from members who made calls:
“She said he was totally against the changes. Seems they have been inundated with calls, many from 38 Degrees people. Her first response when I said why I was calling was ‘Good for you.’”
“I left a message on Jeremy’s answer machine expressing my worries – as laid out in your list of things to say. I am not an articulate speaker so it was helpful as a guide”.

Call your MP

Photograph by 38 Degrees

The parliamentary switchboards are jamming with the amount of calls MPs are receiving!  The more calls that are made, the more MPs and everyone in Westminster will know how strong public feeling is against these dangerous plans.

38 Degrees member Lucy said, “using the helpful prompts given on the 38 Degrees website, I was able to articulately explain to an assistant at the Lewisham West Labour Office (with a few extra comments of my own thrown in about this dreadful business) how the changes to the NHS must be stopped”. Her MP’s office said it was the 15th call they had taken on the subject today!

It’s very easy to make your voice heard and pressure the government so they understand how important the NHS is to everyone. Sue said, “I just called my MP and it was so easy through the 38 Degrees tool. I spoke to Anne Main’s assistant who told me she would help me book a telephone appointment at a later date”.

Some members have been able to speak directly with their MP and others have left messages on the answering machine. In all cases, it will become quite clear to MPs that these plans are deeply unpopular. what is happening with the NHS and that they must speak up now!

One member called her MP Nick Clegg and got the answering machine, but said ‘it was still pretty empowering to ask him, as my representative, to stand up for the NHS!’. Another said, “I would like to thank 38 Degrees for the great work they are doing to save the NHS…  If we don’t stop this we will lose the NHS forever. Once it is privatised (in part or completely) it will be impossible to change back.”

If all of us call our MPs today, we can definitely make a difference to the NHS wrangling!
Please call your MP now: http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/callyourmp-nhs/

For updates and more useful information on calling your MP:

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