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Jul 4th, 2011

Tomorrow’s climate vote on a knife edge

By Rob Machin

A picture of a polar bear on an iceberg

Photograph by U.S. Geological Survey


“This climate vote is going to be very close. 38 Degrees members could play a key role in making sure it goes the right way.”

Ruth Davis, Chief Policy Advisor, Greenpeace


Tomorrow could be a make or break day in the fight against climate change. There’s a crunch vote in the European parliament. It could come down to one or two votes. Hardline Conservative MEPs are threatening to vote against action to bring down emissions – we’ve got just 24 hours to stop them.

David Cameron could bring his MEPs into line by telling them to back strong climate action. That would probably tip the vote the right way. But Cameron will only act if he feels public pressure. Let’s help tip the vote the right way by sending Cameron a flood of emails urging him to act.

Can you send David Cameron a quick email asking him to make sure his MEPs don’t block vital climate change targets?

Tomorrow’s vote is crucial. If the European parliament votes for tougher targets it will be a great step towards cleaner energy, green jobs, and falling emissions. If the vote is lost, it’ll be a huge win for the dirty industries who are lobbying hard behind the scenes. If Europe rejects tougher targets, it will set back the fight against climate change across the world.

We know it works when we put pressure on David Cameron asking him to keep his climate promises. In May, thousands of us contacted him to tell him not to water down the UK’s own target – and it worked! Now, let’s do the same to make sure British MEPs don’t try to derail the Europe-wide climate effort.

Please email David Cameron now.

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