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Jul 5th, 2011

Help Break Murdoch’s Grip

By Rossalyn Warren

How much lower can Rupert Murdoch’s media empire sink? Today, one of his papers stands accused of hacking the phone of murdered teenager Milly Dowler, causing her family even more pain, and risking a police inquiry.

Rupert Murdoch’s empire is now under investigation by the police. But at the same time, he’s getting ready to take even more control of our media. This week, Murdoch’s expecting to get the green light from David Cameron’s government for his takeover of BSkyB.

If we work together, we can make sure this week doesn’t end with Murdoch getting awarded even more power.  The final government inquiry into Murdoch’s power grab ends this Friday, at midday. We’ve got until then to prove to the government that the public want to put the brakes on Murdoch’s power grab. We’ll deliver a copy of the petition to that inquiry – demanding that the phone hacking allegations are taken into account and the deal is halted.

The government wants to approve Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover. They say that Murdoch promises to respect media independence, so there’s nothing to fear from giving him even more control. They want us to trust Rupert Murdoch! But how can we trust him when his paper stands accused of hacking into the phone of a murdered teenager?

Yesterday, Murdoch’s empire thought they this deal was in the bag. Our people-powered campaign had helped delay things – but they had just one hurdle left. The minister in charge, Jeremy Hunt, was clearly on Murdoch’s side. Murdoch’s backing for the Conservatives at the election and his executives’ cosy dinners with David Cameron all seemed to be paying off.

But now, we have a real chance to stop this power grab. Across the UK, people are shocked at how one of Rupert Murdoch’s paper is accused of heartlessly abusing a family facing one of the worst situations any of us can imagine. Let’s work together to make sure this is a turning point in the battle for higher media standards in Britain.

Please sign the petition now.

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