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Sep 8th, 2011

Save our NHS: response to MPs letters

By JohnnyChatterton

Over the last few days a number of MPs have have criticsed the 38 Degrees legal opinion. This blog contains a response to some of the most commonly written objections. The original comments are shown in black and comments have been added in red.

The concerns of 38 Degrees members remain and include:

  • The loss of the duty to provide on the Secretary of State;
  • The removal of accountability from the Secretary of State and the impact of the “hands off clause”;
  • Severance between the duty to provide and the duty to promote a comprehensive health service in England;
  • The potential impact of competition law on the NHS, given that it is even more likely to apply under the Bill; and
  • Increased administrative and financial burden on commissioning consortia due to the application of procurement law and the impact of this given the expertise and deep pockets of private companies.

38 Degrees will not be distracted by criticism of them or by implied criticism of their advisers. Our concerns, as demonstrated by this response, remain the vitally important issues raised by the Bill.

You can download the PDF here: Download File

Response to Stephen Phillips MP QC’s letter to constituents

Response to Stephen Phillips MP QC’s letter to constituents


You can find the PDF here: Download File

Here’s a response to Guy Opperman’s recent blog about our legal advice.

Response to Guy Opperman

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