What did you write to your Lord?

Photograph by UK Parliament (Flickr)

Thousands of us are getting touch with members of the House of Lords to ask them to help Save the NHS!

Can you share the e-mail you sent to your Lord or Baroness so we can all share ideas?  You can post it in the comments box below.

UPDATE: You can also share the reply you receive from your Lord or Baroness here.

This will help us build up a picture of what members of the House of Lords are saying about the NHS, ahead of the debate.

UPDATE #2: The 38 Degrees office team has been working hard to improve the “contact a Lord” part of our website.  One improvement has been to start including a copy of the e-mail you wrote to your Lord in the confirmation e-mail we send you, so you can share it with other 38 Degrees members.  This took effect on Thursday afternoon.