NHS poll: the results are in!

Over the last week, tens of thousands of us voted and made new suggestions on what to do together next to save the NHS.

The 38 Degrees office has looked at every single response to the poll using the techniques and tools normally used when 38 Degrees members are asked what they want to do next (there’s an in-depth look at how this works here, here and here).

The result of the vote leaves us with no doubt that the 38 Degrees members who voted want to show the Government the public want Lansley’s plans to be withdrawn and rethought.

We have also agreed on some winning tactics, which are (in order of preference):

1) Build a petition asking MPs to hold a fresh debate on the reforms in the House of Commons.
2) Build a petition calling for Lansley’s secret ‘risk register’ to be released so we can understand the dangers of his plans.
3) Send emails to MPs, Lords and Baronesses to ask them to rein in competition and privatisation plans.
4) Make the NHS changes an issue in the London Mayoral elections.

38 Degrees members' preferences

What next?
We start putting all our winning tactics in motion over the next couple of weeks. We can start now by signing the epetition calling for a debate in the Commons on whether Lansley’s plans should be dropped.

What do you think?
What do you think of these results? Are there any other priorities that you think should be on the list?