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May 10th, 2012

Update: government plans to invade our privacy

By marie

Yesterday, the government set out its new plans for the year ahead in the Queen’s Speech. It’s just what we feared: they want new powers to invade our privacy. They plan to collect and keep information on all of us about who we call, text and email, and which websites we visit. And they won’t need a warrant or reason.

There’s still time to stop them. If enough of us work together, we can get these plans scrapped. We can build a huge movement to stand up for our freedom and our right to privacy as law-abiding British citizens.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people worked together until we stopped the government’s plan to sell off England’s woodlands. We can do it again – but we need big numbers. Can you sign the petition?

Last week, David Cameron and Nick Clegg took a real pounding in local elections up and down the country. Now lots of their MPs are squabbling about what the government should do to try to win back voters.

Our civil liberties have taken a battering in recent years from politicians of all backgrounds. Now it’s time to for us to push back. If hundreds of thousands of us demand that politicians protect our freedoms instead of grabbing more power, they’ll see the tide is turning. It’s time to tear up the Big Brother plans – let’s get started today!

Help build a massive people-powered petition to protect our freedoms by adding your name then sharing it on Facebook and Twitter

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