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Aug 8th, 2012

Let Baleiwai Stay!

By imogen.l


Imagine someone you know was facing being thrown out of the country they call home – and the country they’d represented abroad as a member of their army. That’s the situation facing  Lance Corporal ‘Bale’ Baleiwai.  After 13 years with the British army, Bale is facing being sent back to Fiji, thousands of miles away from his wife and two little children.

Bale is from Fiji, but because he was a British soldier for so long, he can apply for citizenship. But before he left the army, he got into a bit of trouble when he defended himself in a fight. The army has strict rules and it means that Bale has a mark on his disciplinary record. Based on this, the Border Agency has said Bale can’t stay in the UK with his loved ones.

David Cameron has the power to get a fairer decision on Bale’s case, that will keep his family together in the UK. And he could sort out the rules so similar problems don’t crop up again.

Public pressure means that Bale has been given longer to appeal the decision about where he can live – until December. But until there’s a decision, Bale is in limbo. He hasn’t got the right to go and see a doctor, work or claim benefits. How will he live and support his family?

Lots of us believe there are big problems with our rules about immigration. But sometimes it takes one person’s situation to shine a light on them.  Now, Bale’s case means we have a chance to call for a better deal for people who are trying to make a home in the UK.

Please email David Cameron today and ask him to review Bale’s case and grant him citizenship.

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