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Sep 6th, 2012

Jeremy Hunt: Adverts

By becky

Here’s a message he can’t ignore! Jeremy Hunt has only been in charge of the NHS for a couple of days. But already an amazing 105,000 of us have put our names to a people-powered warning for him: we will work together to block any new threats to our health service.

Now let’s prove we really mean business, and put our message where he really won’t want to see it. Can you chip in to splash our warning to Jeremy Hunt across a full-page advert in the Daily Telegraph or Times?

It costs at least £35,000 to get our advert in a prominent full page spot in one of these Conservative-leaning papers. If enough of us donate in the next 24 hours, we can be in the paper on Tuesday morning. Can you make a donation now? Click here to see the powerful advert and to make a secure donation.

Like most politicians, Hunt takes what he sees in the papers very seriously – particularly papers like the Times and Telegraph that support the Conservatives. Checking the papers will be one of the first things he does on Tuesday morning. So if enough of us chip in, we can make sure he comes face to face with us while he’s having his breakfast!

Lots of 38 Degrees members were worried when they heard that Jeremy Hunt was the new Health Secretary. He’s known as an ally of Rupert Murdoch and a fan of privatisation. He may feel tempted to use his new job to do favours for the big private health companies. Our advert will act as a powerful warning: we’re ready to challenge threats to the NHS, and we put our money where our mouth is.

Can you help make it happen? Please donate what you can, and tell the new minister in charge of the health service that our NHS is not for sale.

Would you rather the advert appeared in the Times or Telegraph? Once you’ve donated, you’ll get to vote on which you’d prefer. So please make a secure donation now.

What do you think of the mock-up ad? It’s still being finalised, so please share your comments and feedback below!

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