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Sep 11th, 2012

Jeremy Hunt Ad in the paper today

By 38 Degrees team

Message sent! 121,227 of us signed and thousands of us donated. Today, when the new health minister Jeremy Hunt looks through his morning newspapers, this is what he will see:

Jeremy Hunt Ad in the Telegraph today

Thank you for being part of this. Together we’ve shown Jeremy Hunt just how determined we are to protect our NHS. We’ve got our message to him when it matters most – just as he’s starting his new job. That should make him think twice about pushing through further dangerous changes, cuts or privatisation.

It’s two years since 38 Degrees members first voted to make protecting the NHS top priority. Since then, we’ve done a huge amount together. Petitions, local meetings, messages to our MPs, billboard advertisements, legal submissions, newspaper ads, the list goes on! Now we’ve made it clear to the new minister that we’re not about to give up: we’ll keep campaigning as long as the NHS is at risk.

38 Degrees members know how important it is to have a decent health service which we can all rely on, whether we’re rich or poor. We know that the NHS is something Britain can be proud of. And each of us knows that we’re not alone – there are thousands of other 38 Degrees members, all across the UK, all ready to work together to protect our health service.


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