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Mar 13th, 2013

NHS: 38 Degrees members make a stir in Brighton

By [email protected]

38 Degrees members have been causing a stir in Brighton at the Lib Dem Spring Conference! Last Saturday 9th March, around 50 of us were outside the conference as the delegates walked in. Despite the cold, we flyered every Lib Dem in sight and chatted to quite a few of them.

Charles West, another 38 Degrees member, had put down an emergency motion to get NHS privatisation debated at the conference. We turned up in Brighton to support him, and to persuade as many Lib Dems as possible to vote for the motion – and trigger a debate on privatisation in front of Nick Clegg and health minister Norman Lamb.

The debate didn’t happen. Largely, that’s because senior Lib Dems didn’t want it to happen – and they put huge pressure on party members not to support the motion. But we got a great response from party activists, and together we made sure that NHS privatisation was a hot topic throughout the conference.

The campaign against the government’s continuing attempt to private our NHS is still going strong – you can sign the petition here.

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