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Mar 26th, 2013

Good news in Aberdeenshire

By [email protected]

Great news – 38 Degrees have helped notch a win over Donald Trump! Today, the Scottish government announced that it has approved an 11-turbine windfarm off the coast of Aberdeenshire. And this success is partly down to us.

Trump’s campaign against the windfarm hit new lows – furious that it would spoil the view from his controversial Aberdeenshire golf course, he splashed two full-page adverts in Scottish newspapers calling for people to email Alex Salmond with their opposition.

But we turned his idea on its head. Over 8,000 38 Degrees members did write to Alex Salmond – but in support of renewable energy and Scotland’s green future.

And with today’s announcement, all the organisations and individuals who came together to support a green future for Scotland can go home happy.

But the campaign against Trump’s involvement in Aberdeenshire isn’t over yet – over 17,000 of us have already signed a petition started by a local resident calling for an inquiry into the handling of his golf complex. The bigger it gets, the more the Scottish government will feel the pressure. You can add your name here.

We’ve proved once that people power works against ‘big name’ interests – now let’s do it again.

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