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May 3rd, 2013

Npower pay your fair share: what next?

By Rebecca Falcon

Npower are rattled. They’ve seen their huge tax dodge splashed all across the media, and they’re squirming under the pressure of more than 40,000 emails and a 170,000+ signature petition.

Npower’s chief executive has agreed to meet 38 Degrees – but so far, he’s only said he’ll meet with 38 Degrees executive director, David Babbs. He hasn’t agreed to having 38 Degrees members and Npower customers there too.

So what should we do? Should we accept the one-on-one meeting, and let David represent us? Or should we hold out for a wider meeting, where more people can go to push for answers on the energy giant’s tax dodge?

It only takes two minutes to tell us what you think. 38 Degrees members started this campaign together – and now we can decide together what we do next. Click here to have your say.

We know that a meeting alone probably won’t be enough to make Npower change their ways. Flooding their inbox and showing our anger with a huge petition is a great start. But lots of 38 Degrees members have written in with other ideas, and they’re right – there are lots more options on the table.

If we’re going to win, here’s what we can do. We can attack their cherished brand image, and make sure that more and more people across the country think of tax dodging when Npower is mentioned. Or we can hit their bottom line by making it really easy for thousands of people to switch away from Npower as their gas and electricity supplier.

Imagine the chaos in their PR department if we run billboard and newspaper ads up and down the country calling them out on their tax dodge. Or the emergency meetings if they realise that overnight, they’ve lost thousands of customers.

There are plenty of other options too. Whatever we decide to do to turn up the heat on Npower, let’s make sure thousands of us are behind it. Click here to help decide our next steps now.

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