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Jun 10th, 2013

Member poll: June 8th

By Maddy Carroll

As members of 38 Degrees, each one of us decides the issues we work on together to make change happen. So knowing what all of us care about is vital.

There are a number of forums – across our Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog and campaigns forum Uservoice – where 38 Degrees members discuss what we should campaign on. Every week a group of randomly selected 38 Degrees members has the chance to vote on what issues we should campaign on via a poll. The questions included are based on current campaigns as well as the thousands of daily discussions between 38 Degrees members (well, the ones that the office team here are privy to!).

The 38 Degrees office team use these results every Monday morning to decide what campaigns to work on in the week ahead. And here are the results this week. NHS and tax dodging have topped the priority list, with petrol price fixing and tackling climate change coming in third and fourth.

Poll results 8th June


When we campaign on the issues we choose together, we get things done! In the past few weeks we’ve exposed tax dodging Npower and hit them where it hurts by thousands of us switching suppliers. Nearly 200,000 of us campaigned against proposals to limit GP visits. Within just 48 hours the plans were off the table. And hundreds of thousands of us pushed the government for clean energy targets in the Energy Bill.

Do you have a campaign suggestion? Email us on emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk or join the discussion on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/peoplepowerchange

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