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Jun 14th, 2013

Don’t hike student loan interest!

By Rebecca Falcon

Breaking news! A secret report has just been leaked showing government proposals to make past students pay more interest on their loans. Millions of people in their 20s and 30s could face more debt and years of extra repayments they never agreed to.

These plans have emerged despite the universities minister saying “we have no plans to change” the terms of repayments last June. The government was probably hoping to keep the plans under wraps – but now we’ve got a golden opportunity to stop them in their tracks.

A huge public outcry could force the government to abandon their plans. If thousands of us sign a petition to the business secretary Vince Cable, we can show him how deeply unpopular the plans are.

To win we need to make this big – and quickly! Please urgently sign the petition to Vince Cable, then share it with your friends.

The government has already increased the cost of education to £9,000 a year for new students. Now they might try and impose a big increase in the amount that past students, who took out loans since 1998, have to pay too.

We could stop this. Intervening now before the government commits to the plans makes it much easier to get them scrapped. Vince Cable will be watching the reaction to these revelations. If he sees a big public backlash, he’s more likely to abandon the idea.

We’ve proved before that we can stop ideas like this in their tracks. Just weeks ago, our huge outcry forced the government to abandon its plans to limit how many times we can visit our GPs.

The last thing they want is another big story about unpopular proposals. If we act now and unleash a wave of public opposition, we could convince them to give the idea up.

Sign the petition here then share with your friends.

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