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Oct 2nd, 2013

Rally for freedom of speech

By Robin Priestley

rally for freedom of speech

There is one week left until MPs vote on the ‘gagging law’ for the final time before it goes to the LordsThis is a chance for MPs to stop a law which will clamp down on ordinary people’s ability to campaign on important issues.  Can you help convince them to vote the right way?

On the day of the vote, Tuesday 8th October, can you come to a rally to celebrate freedom of speech and show the government we won’t be silenced?

At midday on Tuesday hundreds of people are coming together in Parliament Square in London to celebrate all that is great about democracy. This is our chance to show all MPs just how passionate ordinary people are about their right to speak out on important issues.

It will be fun, it will be loud and it will be inspiring – MPs won’t be able to miss us and neither will the press. It’s the perfect chance to make our voices heard – just before MPs head in to vote.

If you’re on facebook and want to come along, join the event by clicking here (and then invite your friends):

Not on facebook? Just fill in the form here to let us know you’re coming:

From protecting the NHS to saving the bees to stopping the snoopers charter – people-power has achieved amazing things. And it is worth fighting for.

Many organisations like the RSPB, the Salvation Army and the Royal British Legion have spoken out against the gagging law too.  So imagine how powerful it will be for hundreds of us to come together outside parliament on the day MPs debate on the proposed law.

38 Degrees members have done an amazing job of keeping up the pressure so far: writing tens of thousands of letters to MPs, attending nearly 100 meetings and donating over £100,000 to pay for adverts and billboards.

Can you help to add to that pressure and stand with us to protect ordinary people’s right to work together to change things we care about? Please join us on Tuesday 8th October at midday if you can to celebrate freedom of speech.

Join the event on facebook: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/rally-for-freedom-of-speech
RSVP here: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/rally-for-freedom-of-speech-rsvp

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