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Mar 26th, 2014

Zero hours: Update

By Rebecca Falcon

Brilliant news! The huge response by 38 Degrees members to the zero hours consultation has made a massive impact. Last week in parliament Jenny Willott MP said:

“We had more than 36,000 responses to the zero-hours contracts consultation […] so people clearly feel very strongly about the issue. We are looking at the responses to the consultation and will publish our response very shortly.”

35,000 of those responses were from 38 Degrees members, so thanks. A few weeks ago we flooded Vince Cable’s office with emails, telling the government exactly how these contracts should be improved. And explaining why using them to exploit staff is simply wrong.

This mention in parliament proves what a clear message we’ve sent to government. Together we’ve made them sit up and pay attention to the concerns of thousands of ordinary people.

For some, working on a zero hours contract means not knowing whether they have work from one week to the next. It can make it impossible to plan paying rent and bills, and a lack of sick pay can be devastating.

The government has promised to publish its response soon and they now know we’ll be watching. No one should be exploited at work, so let’s keep up the pressure to make sure soon, no one has to be.

Moreover, 38 Degrees member Zahera now has a court date for her legal fight against Sports Direct and their use of zero hours contracts. It’s in November and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of her case, paid for by over 10,000 38 Degrees members.

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