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May 14th, 2014

Today: over 300,00 signatures delivered to HMRC

By India Thorogood

A few hours ago, 38 Degrees members gathered outside HMRC’s headquarters in London to give them our huge 237,888 signature-strong petition. We handed in alongside campaigning organisations SumofUs and the Open Rights Group – together, we represented over 300,000 people who’re against the selling or sharing of our tax data.

Here’s some pictures of the hand-in:

HMRC officials promised a statement soon – but really, words aren’t enough. It isn’t just HMRC considering selling off our data. There’s a worrying trend across lots of government departments. Just a few months ago, 38 Degrees members had to act fast to pause NHS England’s plan to sell our medical records to private companies. And right now, school test and exam results are already available to those willing to pay for them.

What should we do next to keep the pressure up on HMRC to drop the data sell-off? 38 Degrees members are voting right now on next steps. More petition hand-ins with local MPs? A meeting in Westminster? Or something else? Click here or comment below to help decide.

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